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LOWER SAXONY. The Lower Saxony Center for Nutrition and Home Economics (ZEHN) searched for the oldest edible food in Lower Saxony until April 28. On Food Waste Day on May 2, all submissions, from condiments to whole grain rye bread and yogurt, will be posted on the ZEHN website. There are even products from the last millennium!

The expiration date on Anja Rempfer’s yogurt has been exceeded for more than a year. However, the yogurt was not only edible, it was also very tasty!

Are you still eating a yogurt whose best before date (MHD) has passed more than a year? No problem! On May 2, Food Waste Day, the Lower Saxony Center for Nutrition and Home Economics (ZEHN) shows at which expired food the inhabitants of Lower Saxony found in their cupboards, used deliciously and participated in the “Really Overdue!” of ZEHN. Because until April 28, ZEHN searched for the oldest edible food in Lower Saxony. In addition to a product photo, participants submitted a picture or brief information about how the food was deliciously eaten or processed.

trust your own senses
More than 110 expired products were sent to ZEHN. Also included is a yoghurt with an expiration date of September 2021. The sender, Thomas Stelljes of Stade, wrote: “I ate the yoghurt on April 12, 2022 and it was edible without any problems. The packaging was not damaged, no mold did not form, there were no strange smells, the product had no blemishes.” And with that, the food rescuer put into practice exactly what ZEHN wanted to accomplish with the challenge: “We want to encourage people to buy expired products completely to examine carefully with one’s senses instead of just discarding them. Many foods taste good even after the expiration date. A perfect example of this is Herr Stelljes yoghurt,” explains Annika Gaurig, Director of ZEHN. ZEHN has compiled a free information sheet on how you can easily control food and what you should pay attention when it comes to expiration dates.

From yogurt to lentils:
But not only 16 expired yogurts were presented, other groups of products were also presented. These included a relish sauce that expired in January 1994 and lentils with an MHD of 1989. Both products were still edible and were recycled. Like a green bean stew that expired in 1996. The sender, Robert Humpe, wrote: “While renovating our supermarket last year, we found 3 of these cans. After much deliberation, two employees and I opened one and heated it up.” In fact, it was still edible.” ZEHN drew three winners from all entries, each of whom can look forward to a set of storage jars they’ve won:

dr Kirsten von Helldorff from Worpswede with applesauce
Nadine Meier from Wildeshausen with granulated cream cheese
Katrin Schneider-Horn from Wilhelmshaven with brown bread

“All the participants have given a clear signal against food waste and are a great role model for others,” Gaurig says happily. “Everyone can help to ensure that less food ends up in the garbage, not just on May 2, food waste day.” By the way, this was first symbolically proclaimed in 2016 by the WWF. The background: Statistically speaking, all food produced between January 1 and May 2 of each year ends up in the trash.

The Lower Saxony Center for Nutrition and Home Economics (ZEHN), based in Oldenburg, deals with food appreciation. In addition to a school contest and the “Yellow Ribbon” harvest project, ZEHN organizes a special campaign every year on Food Waste Day on May 2: this year the challenge “Really Expired: Oldest Food Wanted!” from Lower Saxony!” ZEHN’s points are nutrition, cleanliness, and everyday skills.

public relations
Photo: Rempfer

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