Harvest Well, All Well: How to Invest in the Growing Nutrition Market | 06/20/22

From planting to harvesting to displaying in the supermarket: those who rely on the agricultural and food sector today can benefit from the new super cycle tomorrow. With rising commodity prices and a lasting boom in demand, the sector now has a truly golden future ahead of it.

Consumer goods group Unilever raised its prices by 8.3 percent to offset falling sales volume due to delivery bottlenecks, a mix of the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic and the tense situation caused because of the war between Russia and Ukraine, which all consumers felt in the supermarket. box receives. But for investors, this scenario offers lucrative investment opportunities, because one thing is certain: no matter how high commodity prices rise, the world’s population is growing and needs food. Even if climate change is making growing conditions in agriculture more and more difficult. This brings to the scene companies that are essential to this effort.

The best in the agricultural and food sector for your warehouse

KWS either BayWa deliver seeds or fertilizers, for example, the new machines come from deer either Agco and smart irrigation systems lindsay deliver. Farmers and farms will have to invest here in the coming months to keep up. That, in turn, also affects big food companies like Nestle either Kellogg’s on the cards. With global food turnover expected to be around €8.8 trillion in 2027, it will probably remain true that these companies will pass on price increases to the end customer.

Growth Market Nutrition: Your Investment Opportunity

The new combines the two sides of the coin BÖRSE ONLINE Agriculture and food index. Overall, the BÖRSE ONLINE Agriculture & Food Index is based on 20 exciting stocks that are directly affected by the super cycle. Top performers include otter, Agco, Conagra either International Flavor. Mowi, DSM either McCormick complement the nutritional portfolio as well as Elastic cord either OIC. In its compilation, the index covers the entire value chain of the food industry.

If you want to participate one-on-one in the index course, please use the index certificate with the WKN DA0ABQ. If you are more willing to take risks, corresponding leverage certificates are available.

Image source: AdobeStock, BörseOnline, AdobeStock


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