Healthy nutrition: according to the experts, this is how you finally manage to change your diet!

Healthy nutrition it is primarily a matter of willpower.

Did you know that you can learn to eat healthy by “hacking” your brain? You can change the way you eat and avoid associating certain foods with certain situations, such as craving sweets when you’re feeling down.

Mental strength is the key.

This reports the website “Business Insider” and refers to the research of psychiatrist Judson Brewer, who examined eating behavior, among other things. He explains that by specifically training our brains, we can change certain associations and habits and thus learn to eat healthier.

For example, imagine the following scenario: You’ve had a stressful day at work and suddenly have an appetite for something sweet like chocolate. That’s because your brain has learned to associate these types of foods with feeling good, which can lead you to do it over and over again. But that can be changed.

Eating healthy means learning to do without

To end this and change your diet, you must analyze the situations that make you eat certain foods, as in the example above. In this way, you will be able to avoid habits in the future such as binge eating or snacking that we are often not even aware of.

That way, you can rewire your brain to learn that when you’re stressed or sad or whatever the situation is, you don’t necessarily need to eat anything to get through it. Because the reality is that it doesn’t help you feel better either. (Also: Always Tired? These 8 Foods Help)

eat carefully

In addition, the site mentions another method to improve your relationship with food that will also help you change your habits and be healthier: mindful eating. How is it supposed to work?

  1. Before you eat, consider how hungry you are by giving a score from 0 (empty stomach) to 10 (full stomach).
  2. If you are aware of this and want to eat, you have to take your time with food: it is not about cleaning the plate as quickly as possible; instead, focus entirely on eating.
  3. Look closely at each spoon and fork, notice the colors, smells, and textures of the food, and take time to enjoy the food. Chew slowly and thoroughly and feel how the food feels in your mouth.

Little by little you will realize that you are not only eating portions that fit your needs, but that what is on your plate is also healthier. At least that’s what science says. (Also interesting: If you eat that many calories a day, you age more slowly, according to this new study.)

The article “How to learn to eat healthy once and for all, according to the experts” by Guillermina Carro appeared for the first time in GQ Spain.

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