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500 euros for the purchase of healthy food

Mosbach. (ots) In Mosbach elementary schools, people not only calculate and write, but also cut. Because the city, the Barmer and the Sarah Wiener Foundation want to teach children to eat healthy together. City Health Manager Jennifer Amend has campaigned for this with the I Can Cook! nutrition initiative. to train as ambassadors of enjoyment.

In the free training, he learned the basics of cooking with children and nutritional knowledge. She is now putting into practice what she has learned in the Mosbach elementary schools. Starters of I can cook! They are the Barmer Health Insurance Company and the Sarah Wiener Foundation. “The foundation for a healthy life is laid in childhood and proper nutrition plays an important role.

But fewer and fewer children know how to eat healthy. We want to change that by cooking together with the little ones,” says Stefan Schäfer, Barmer’s regional manager in Mosbach.

Spongebob sandwich and bread faces for breakfast

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Class 2 of the Kurfürstin Amalia elementary school in Lohrbach has started. Jennifer Amend prepared a healthy breakfast together with the students. She conjured up bread faces and SpongeBob sandwiches with organic whole wheat bread, organic vegetables, fresh herbs and cheese.

The boys and girls also learned what vitamins are, what foods are healthy and why breakfast is so valuable for the school day. Setting and clearing tables together was also part of this special lesson.

“The children had a lot of fun, they were very creative and very confident in handling the kitchen utensils. And most importantly, not only did they enjoy the healthy breakfast, but it also tasted good,” says Jennifer Amend.

All elementary schools in Mosbach can take part in the campaign, which will run until the end of the year. So far, eleven classes from five schools have registered. At least 173 students are reached in this way.

Further registrations are possible in consultation with Jennifer Amend. And from the Barmer in Mosbach there is 500 euros per school for the purchase of healthy food.

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