How American star Jessica Simpson lost about 100 pounds

Jessica Simpson celebrates her bikini figure on Instagram and reveals that she has lost around 100 pounds for the third time. How did she do it? With soft methods instead of radical diets.

The American star Jessica Simpson (41) has had difficult years. Addiction to pills and alcohol, as well as weight fluctuations, pushed the mother of three over the edge. But apparently that’s the end. Jessica Simpson has lost a lot of weight since she gave birth to her daughter Birdie Mae in 2019. FITBOOK investigated how she did it and why, hopefully, this time she won’t fall into the self-trap again. I.

Finally a bikini figure again

Those who follow Jessica Simpson on ‘Instagram’ will not only be able to witness the singer’s sweet family moments, but will also have noticed that the blonde is back to trim and trim. The 41-year-old recently celebrated her success with a series of bikini photos. (Our colleagues at STYLEBOOK reported.) “Three times I have about 100 pounds (approx. 45kg, COR) increased and decreased. So I thought this moment would never come. But I’m finally enjoying spring break again, and wearing a bikini! Hard work, determination. Self love,” Simpson wrote in one such post.

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In fact, the American star not only looks fit and healthy in her various social media snaps, but also happy. It was a long road to get there, which she walks slowly but steadily with the help of her personal trainer Harley Pasternak. Her plan is designed not only to lose weight, but also to live a healthy life and keep it that way.

12,000 steps a day

Part of Jessica Simpson’s weight loss strategy is proper and regular exercise. To do this, the 41-year-old trains three times a week in the gym. Additionally, Simpson relies on walking as a daily exercise. She started doing this shortly after the birth of her third child three years ago and gradually increased her number of steps. As her trainer explained in an interview with ET, her client walks 12,000 steps a day: “We went from 4,000 to 8,000, then 10,000, and finally 12,000. Some days she even walks 14,000 steps.”

Quite a routine considering that Jessica Simpson has to deal with everyday life with three children. But she apparently has developed little strategies in order to achieve her step goal. In a previous Instagram post, she revealed: “Today I woke up before the three kids to finish my steps and have some time for myself. Move move move also for mental health.”

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Simpson is not pressured with the constant weigh-in

Mental health is a priority for Jessica Simpson today, after childhood trauma she recounts in her autobiography, Open Book, and years of addiction to pills and alcohol. To stop worrying about her weight and sticking to unrealistic numbers on her scale, she dumped her without further ado. In an interview with Today in April 2021, Simpson said: “I have no idea how much I weigh. I just want to be comfortable and zip up my pants.”

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Low sugar conscious diet

Therefore, in addition to exercise, a change in diet is also part of Jessica Simpson’s new lifestyle. She largely avoids sugar. Instead, she increased her protein intake and incorporated vegetables like cauliflower into her diet as a base for her. In order to sustain the change in diet, two different meals per week are allowed to satisfy sugar cravings. Simpson’s personal trainer believes it’s a preferable variation on the typical “cheat day,” a day where everything is allowed nutritionally: “Two ‘free meals’ a week is fine. You can eat them on the same day or spread them out over different days.” That way, favorite foods still have a place on the menu, just in moderation.This helps prevent slipping back into old behavior patterns.

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Sleep is also important for weight loss

Last but not least, Jessica Simpson is now paying attention to her sleep as part of her lifestyle change. Because if you sleep little or badly, it is more difficult to lose weight and, above all, more difficult to maintain the weight you have achieved. That’s why the American star is now trying to get seven hours of sleep every night.

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Sufficient rest, exercise, and a mindful diet apparently helped Jessica Simpson achieve her radiant appearance and fit body. Plus, she seems to have made the start of a permanent lifestyle change, so body-straining yo-yo effects are a thing of the past.

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