How diet and sexual health are related

You may not know it, but there is a strong connection between diet and sexual health. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines sexual health as: “It is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being related to sexuality and not only the absence of disease, dysfunction or infirmity”.

What is meant by sexual health?

Sexual health is much more than being healthy. It also describes the absence of sexually transmitted diseases, it means general well-being, a healthy sexual desire, a positive attitude towards sex and a healthy lifestyle. It also means a happy and open sex life where you can live out your wishes and desires and talk about them.

On the contrary, a healthy sexuality also strengthens the immune system and the heart. Mutual relationships cannot be ruled out outright. Today we would like to address one aspect of sexual health, namely nutrition and its relationship to sexuality.

The overriding principle is: a healthy diet strengthens the body

The healthier and fitter your body is, the better your sexual performance will be. This connection is certainly clear to everyone. It should also be clear that a healthy diet is good for your body and helps you stay healthy. Ergo: A healthy diet has a direct impact on sexual health and performance.

What foods are particularly beneficial?

In detail, let’s see some diets and food groups that can help improve sexual health:

A diet rich in vegetables and whole grains reduces the risk of prostate cancer

A specific protein, also known as prostate-specific antigen (PSA), is a marker for prostate cancer. It is produced in the prostate and normally serves to dilute semen. If the level in the blood is elevated, this may be a sign of prostate cancer. One study showed that men who primarily, but not necessarily only, ate a plant-based diet and whole grain products had significantly lower PSA values.

No crunchy cucumbers = no plump cucumbers

One study found that certain plant compounds can prevent erectile dysfunction. While it has not been proven (yet) that a diet of fruits and vegetables can improve erectile dysfunction, at least it does not hurt and fewer cases have been found among vegetarians. By the way, herbs like nettle seed, savory, honeysuckle root, and lovage are said to have a similar effect to tadalafil, at least that’s what the experiences of many users say. .

sharp makes sharp

Chili, Tabasco, hot paprika, cayenne pepper, and ginger are real firecrackers. They stimulate metabolism and blood circulation and thus help facilitate blood flow to the erectile tissue of the penis and vagina.

nuts for the nuts

There are now several studies that have been able to show that nuts (especially walnuts and pistachios) have a particularly positive influence on the ability to have an orgasm. One report states that a significant increase in orgasmic function and sexual desire was observed.

Hormones love good food

Hormones are true gourmets because they love good food. The male sex hormone testosterone and the female estrogen. Unsaturated fatty acids in olive oil, vitamin D in avocados, vitamin C and antioxidants in blueberries – all this is real food for our hormones and helps in their production. A healthy hormone level is the foundation for a well-functioning sex life.

Classic aphrodisiac foods

Oysters, chocolate, eggs and strawberries are among the classic aphrodisiac foods. Each individual is said to have a lust-enhancing effect, which in most cases can lead to a better love life due to the various ingredients and modes of action.

our final advice

If you like oral sex, as a man, you should drink more pineapple juice. This makes the semen sweeter. Beer, on the other hand, makes semen taste bland and old. As with all other sexual practices, the principle always applies: if you both enjoy it, you should try it. Everything is possible, nothing is necessary.


Sexual health is more than just food. However, proper nutrition is an essential pillar for a healthy sex life. Those who eat more plant-based foods seem to have an advantage here and can expect higher sexual performance, better sperm and more sex drive. Traditional beliefs that meat is (or makes) manly are becoming more and more wrong.


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Photo: Sawalha

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