How healthy is it and how can you prepare it?

  • Dandelion is rich in lots of healthy ingredients
  • Preparation methods are varied.
  • The plant grows almost everywhere.

To find dandelions, it is often enough to go to your own garden. It is known for its yellow flowers and sticky white sap that often stains fingers brown when touched. But have you ever thought about eating the plant?

How does dandelion affect the body?

Dandelions grow in many places: Ob in gardens, at the edge of the forest or on the street – You can find the plant almost everywhere. In late April/early May, Löwenzeichen forms its main flowerbut it can be seen until autumn.

However, the plant not only looks beautiful, you can eat the dandelion too. It is even particularly healthy and can be a tasty addition to many dishes. There are many different uses for the plant.

The bitter substances contained also stimulate metabolism Y promote digestion What kidney and bladder activity. Dandelion is also popular for its digestive properties usedsince the plant enters the large intestine undigested.

How healthy are dandelions?

Of the Dandelion is not poisonousyou can do both It eats leaves in addition to flowers and roots.. Only the stems are not suitable for consumption due to their consistency and very bitter taste.

The milky sap contained in the flower stem is also non-toxic. However, the juice can leave unsightly stains on clothing that are difficult to remove.

just in the The roots of the plant contain many healthy ingredients such as inulin, vitamins B, C and E. What many carotenoids. the The flowers and leaves are very rich in minerals., as potassium, zinc and copper. This makes dandelion a valuable dietary supplement.

How to cook dandelion

The bitter substances contained in the dandelion ensure that the Leaves a slightly bitter aftertaste. have. the The flowers, on the other hand, are even slightly sweet..

Franconian recipes – see here

The leaves can be cooked or used raw. So they are particularly good as Complement a green salad, but a pesto is also enriched. If the leaves are to be cooked, they must first be washed. Then you can put them in boiling water for ten minutes.

if you Pan Roasted Roots To a good time Crush. Then you can even make a kind of coffee with it..


Dandelion is healthy and can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen. The next time you see the plant, pull it up and try one of the preparation methods.

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