Is he the healthiest honey?

  • Forest honey and flower honey in comparison
  • forest honey: healthier than flower honey?

In general, both flower and forest honeys are considered healthy. But it is said that forest honey is healthier due to its sucrose content and its higher content of minerals, trace elements and essential oils..

Forest honey and flower honey in comparison

Honey is a popular and valuable product.that can be found in many homes. So honey is not only used as Sugar substitute used but can also used in diseases such as liver disease. Also, in particular, forest honey infectious diseases can counter.

In general, a distinction is made between Flower honey and forest honey. forest honey consists mainly of molasses, which bees collect from deciduous and coniferous trees, for example, from insect secretions. Therefore, it is one of the so-called molasses honeys – just like spruce, leaf and spruce honey – and its color is more in the dark zone. The color can vary from brown or greenish brown to almost black. These characteristics distinguish it from flower honeys, which include, for example, linden and acacia honey. These usually come from the nectar of flowers and are light in color, from yellow to brown. They are usually a little sweeter and have a more delicate flavor than Forest honeys, which tend to have a strong spicy malt aroma and, despite their firmer consistency, remain liquid longer than flower honey.

Important: Since honey loses many enzymes when it is hotit is advisable not to add it to hot drinks or use it in confectionery. Then it loses its effectiveness.. This is the reason why high-quality honey usually passes cold spin won.

reading advice: Here you can find out how Regular consumption of honey affects your health.

Forest honey: is it the healthier alternative?

In general, honey is considered healthy. he will be one have anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and anti-allergy effects. Compared to flower honey, Forest honey is healthier because it contains less glucose and fructose than flower honey. he should too more minerals, trace elements and essential oils include and strongly antibacterial plays.

information: Even if forest honey is considered healthier, an Austrian study from 2007 showed that Honey of flowers compared to forest honey a better effect against free radicals, that is, harmful metabolites. This is probably due to the higher content of flavonoids in honey.

Danger: Although honey is generally considered healthy, it should not be forgotten that it is made up of approximately 70% fructose and glucose and contains approximately 77 kcal per serving (25 g) and is therefore considered Sweeteners or sugar substitutes is also critically discussed. Above all diabetics You should be careful when consuming honey because, like table sugar, it leads to a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. The same applies to People with fructose intolerance and immunodeficiency be careful when eating honey. for infants and toddlers Honey is generally not recommended.

Conclusion: the quality of honey is crucial

A distinction is made between flower and forest honeys. Flower honeys are obtained from nectar by bees, while forest honeys are collected by bees from plant secretions and secretions from insects that feed on plant sap. Due to its higher content of fructose than glucose and higher content of minerals, trace elements and essential oils Forest honey is healthier than flower honey. However, flower honey is said to be more effective against damaging free radicals.

Due to the sugar content, honey, regardless of variety, should only be consumed in moderation. In general, both types, both forest and flower, are considered Healthy and anti-inflammatory.

Important: Efficacy depends on the honey quality turned off, but many malfunction.

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