Julia Malik: Become an influencer with a healthy diet

On Instagram, Julia Malik inspires above all with her likeable and natural way. The trained kindergarten teacher was not always cheerful. A few years ago, she was still struggling with being overweight. Her nasty comments about her character also affected her mentally, until she finally decided to turn her life upside down and show it to all the critics.

Julia radically lost weight and prescribed a constant sports program. “I lost 26 kilos in just one year in 2016. It was relatively fast because I completely changed my diet. Also, he went running every day. It was important to me to speed up the process with a healthy diet and exercise,” she says.

Today he is fitter than ever. Visually, almost nothing reminds of the dark-haired Julia of that time. Juls_malik is blond, skinny and always in a good mood. She likes to share this “mindset”, as she puts it, on social media and gives advice on healthy eating on Instagram. For example, she introduces her favorite recipes or shows her healthy food purchases.

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micro influencer

With just over 5,000 followers on Instagram, Julia Malik is now more of a micro-influencer. But her fan base is constantly growing.

Regional fans know Julia in everyday life.

The 29-year-old started her social media career in 2019. “My friends told me that Facebook was no longer in fashion and advised me to sign up for Instagram,” says Gloggnitzerin. “Then I uploaded stories there from time to time, for example about going for a run with a friend. That’s how it started.”

Julia’s brilliant Jack Russell terrier James also appears regularly in her Instagram posts. With her posts, she mainly targets regional fans, who often know her from “real” life. Sometimes it happens that a follower approaches you in the beauty salon or while shopping.

Short Portrait: Julia Malik

While most influencers are inaccessible to fans, Julia is an internet star to attack. Her recipe for her success is her positive nature: “I think I seem relatively nice because I talk as if my mouth has grown and because I let people participate in my daily life.”

La Gloggnitzer is aware of her responsibility as an influencer. “I don’t want to broadcast anything bad and pretend that everything is perfect and ‘happy and full of life,'” says Julia. Honesty rather than glamor is important to her.

“When the dishes I post on Instagram can look perfect, I often say how long it takes for people to see that there is a lot of work behind it. I want to show people that not everything is perfect with influencers. She is a fictional character and a snapshot, but we are all normal people.”

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