Katrin Hofschläger has been a nutritionist for 30 years

If you want to eat healthy and don’t know how to do it right, Katrin Hofschläger in Rathenow is the right place for you. The 58-year-old nutrition and food consumption advisor from the Brandenburg consumer advice center has been advising people on the path to healthy nutrition for 30 years.

Katrin Hofschläger was born and raised in Rathenow. Even when she was a child, her parents made sure that today’s nutritionist ate healthy. “It wasn’t that difficult to eat healthy back then. A lot was still cooked with regional products. Back then there wasn’t as much unhealthy fast food as there is now,” says Katrin Hofschläger.

Learned at Rathenow Dairy

As Katrin Hofschläger was very interested in food, she trained as a laboratory technician in the dairy industry at Rathenower Molkerei. At the time, the young skilled worker had no idea how exciting and interesting her career would be later on. After completing her training, Katrin Hofschläger took a job as a food laboratory assistant at the powder ice factory in Rathenow.

Katrin Hofschläger knows how to eat without harming the body, for example with lots of fruit and vegetables and healthy linseed oil.
Source: Christine Schmidt

“I really enjoyed it all. The ice powder we made was like gold dust. Most of it went to the Baltic Sea holiday areas,” says the nutritionist.

Katrin Hofschläger became an engineer

At that time, the young woman only worked at the company for a year. She then decided to acquire further qualifications: “I studied at the food engineering school in Dippoldiswalde. This is where I graduated as a food technology engineer,” says Katrin Hofschläger.

After completing her studies, Katrin Hofschläger received an offer to work as a shift manager at the oat flake mill in Rathenow. But she didn’t want that because she had just become a mother. “When I had a child, shift work didn’t appeal to me. So I decided to look elsewhere,” she recalls.

So Katrin Hofschläger started in an accounting department. “That didn’t suit me at all. Numbers and accounting accuracy are not my thing. After my baby year with my second child, a job advertisement in the newspaper fell into my lap,” says Katrin Hofschläger. account of an advertisement for the consumer advice center in Brandenburg.

The display of the Rathenow consumer center

Little did the engineering graduate know that this announcement would completely change her life. “I applied there and they accepted me. That was the best thing that could have happened to me. I found a job that still inspires me to this day and fills me with heart and passion,” says Katrin Hofschläger.

That happened in 1992. Today, exactly 30 years later, the nutritionist can proudly remember what she has achieved. Within the first year, the Rathenow health expert began building a network and advice center. He then founded together with the then district doctor Dr. Heinz-Walter Knackmuß and Heike Dreger from the district of Havelland they established the health promotion working group. A year later, the task force launched the first health week in Rathenow.

The nutritionist is not only on tour at events and trade shows to make people aware of healthy eating. “I have attended Green Week since 1998. I also organized and carried out many health conferences and seminars with the consumption center,” recalls the expert in healthy nutrition.

Rathenow: She advises students on nutrition.

The level of awareness of the nutritionist at Rathenow grew steadily. Suddenly, schools approached him and asked if he could talk about food and healthy eating in classes. Since then, Katrin Hofschläger has been visiting schools in the region’s districts to inspire students to develop a passion for food and encourage them to eat healthy.

17 years ago, at the request of the director, she took over the subject of nutritional sciences at the Sophie Scholl Vocational School for Social Work in Premnitz. “I worked for a fee for the first few years. I am now employed. I really enjoy working with the students,” says Katrin Hofschläger.

He likes to inform people.

Anyway, the nutritionist’s favorite part of her job is working with people. Unfortunately, contact with those seeking advice was not possible during the corona pandemic. “We react quickly to the situation with the consumer advice center and carry out consultations online,” says Katrin Hofschläger.

“The consumer advice center has gotten me to where I am today. Through many additional training courses, I was able to go deeper and deeper into my subject and therefore I am always up to date to advise the people who come to me. I got an additional degree for this in 2008, so I can also work as a nutritionist for health insurance companies as an honorary consultant”, says Katrin Hofschläger.

Helps with obesity and metabolic diseases.

People who come to Katrin Hofschläger’s advice include overweight people who want to lose weight, as well as people with food intolerances or metabolic diseases.

In any case, Katrin Hofschläger from Rathenow is sure that she loves her job as a nutritionist more than anything. “I really like my job. Helping people especially makes me happy. I would like to thank the consumer advice center in Brandenburg, which made this path possible for me in the first place,” says Katrin Hofschläger.

By Juergen Ohlwein


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