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Know How: Legally Safe Marketing Campaigns

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Dentists must observe medical professional law when planning advertising or marketing campaigns. Many get support from partners who specialize in dentist marketing campaigns.

If you want to retain your patients for a long time, you cannot avoid marketing activities. The same applies to the acquisition of new patients. However, many dentists lack the staff to take care of this. Practices that have a strong partner at their side doing the work for them benefit from professional experience and implementation.

Co-branding creates attention

Anyone who has taken a look at the goDentisMarkt online store knows that there are numerous magazines and brochures for different target groups. goDentis, Germany’s largest quality system for dentists and orthodontists, also knows that gifts often stay in patients’ memories longer. That is why the online store has a large selection of gift items, such as pocket mirrors, shopping tokens or toothbrushes, as well as informational material. The goDentis marketing team is always finding new ways for patients to keep their goDentis partner dental office in good memory. In the first half of the year, the focus was on the topic of nutrition and teeth. Using posters, postcards, shopping cart solvers and chips, partner dental offices were able to draw their patients’ attention to the effects of good nutrition on dental health. Each goDentis concept provides for partner dentists to be able to customize all items with their own practice logo to attract even more attention. A marketing pack that dentists can use to communicate about Dental Health Day is currently being developed. More information on this will be published soon.

legal certainty

Another advantage of partnering with goDentis is the legal certainty of the shares. In all marketing considerations, it is taken into account that the medical professional right is not based on economic criteria, but on medical needs. Per professional standards, advertising media such as practice sign, newspaper ad, social media ads, practice cars, or window film are allowed. However, non-professional, promotional or misleading advertising or advertising that may lead to confusion with other professional groups is prohibited. Additionally, dentists may not distribute any items that refer to their own work outside of practice. However, you can give out items of little value, such as pens or calendars, to patients. This legal requirement is followed in all marketing campaigns that the goDentis team prepares for its associated dentists.

Anyone who wants to find out more about goDentis and the benefits of the partnership can find contacts and information at

Source: goDentis

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