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EKD – Evangelical Church in Germany

Hanover (ots)

Continuation subtitle: world food crisis

Faced with the war in Ukraine and its consequences, Bishop Kristina Kühnbaum-Schmidt (Schwerin), representative of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) for responsibility for creation, calls on the representatives of the G7 states to speed up the expansion of The renewable energies . She also urges increased diplomatic efforts to avert a global food crisis. “Faced with the growing climate crisis and its consequences, we as a Protestant church have been advocating for many years for the expansion of renewable energies. For us it is about the careful management of co-creation, which, like us humans, has its own rights to life. With the war in Ukraine comes the security policy Reasons to go ahead with the energy transition much more determinedly and become independent of fossil fuels as soon as possible,” says she Kühnbaum-Schmidt.

This faster pace in the energy transition is not only compelling for politicians, but also for business and civil society, including the churches themselves. More efforts and commitment to climate protection are needed, a faster expansion of renewable energy at all levels, but also the question of greater sufficiency. Global climate justice also plays a role here: “A very large proportion of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by a wealthy minority of the world’s population. This also means that those who suffer most from the consequences of climate change are the least responsible, currently dramatically visible in Bangladesh and India,” said the EKD representative.

For the socio-ecological transformation that is urgently needed to promote, it is therefore necessary to discuss other values ​​as well. “For many years we have been calling for an ‘ethic of enough’: those who have very little should get enough to live a worthwhile life. And those who have more than enough should be allowed to let it be enough.” The ethic of enough not only links the climate crisis to issues of global justice, but also has a spiritual dimension. Recognizing and adhering to the limits of “enough” means thinking about what it really takes to live a good life. Proper and good nutrition is vitally important.

“In the Our Father we ask and pray for our daily bread. Human rights include the right to food and adequate nutrition, without which a decent life is impossible,” says Kühnbaum-Schmidt. For this reason, the consequences of the war in Ukraine for global food security were among the issues to be addressed as a priority. “Currently, the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine is not only making it difficult to grow valuable food there, but it is also irresponsible and inhumane that, with Russia’s prevention of grain exports from Ukraine, people in other regions of the world, especially the Global South, affected by this war and threatened by famine.

Currently, the price of grain is rising so much due to shortages and speculation on grain bags that funds from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations are not sufficient to provide adequate emergency aid. High food prices in poor countries are, in turn, a security risk and a reason for violent uprisings and civil wars, as the experience of recent years has shown. At the same time, the world food problem should not be reduced solely to Russia’s grain export ban. This requires a complex transformation of our global food system. “Diplomatic efforts to export grain from Ukraine must be urgently stepped up at all levels. Food speculation must be stopped. And funding for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations must be urgently increased to avoid famine and civil wars.” in other countries, especially in Africa. As a church, our active solidarity and our intercession goes to all people who suffer from hunger, malnutrition and the consequences of climate change”, said the representative of responsibility for creation.

On the subject of the food crisis and the war in Ukraine, reference is made to the Bread for the World statement: https://www.brot-fuer-die-welt.de/spender/wuerde/hunger Crisis-ukrainekrieg/ .

Hanover, June 23, 2022

EKD press office

Anika Lucas

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Original content from: EKD – Evangelical Church in Germany, broadcast by aktuell news


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