Lose weight by counting calories: why it won’t make you lose weight

  • Lose weight counting calories: Is it enough to stay in deficit?
  • Whole foods or highly processed foods – an important difference
  • the list of ingredients: The longer, the worse for yours weightloss
  • researcher explained: This is the reason why some people eat more than they are hungry

If you want to lose weight, you have to count calories: This statement is often heard when it comes to diets. Just the thought of spending weeks or months in the calorie intake paying attention is a real motivation killer for many people. In everyday life that is exact. Counting calories is time consuming and difficult to implement. Epidemiologist Tim Spector, professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College in London, he now has in front of the magazine Business Insider explains, it’s not necessarily just about that Caloric deficit when losing weight arrives

Calorie counting alone is the wrong approach – it depends on the type of food

Of course it is necessary in calorie deficit to stay, so that the kilos really fall off in the end. But the wrong diet often makes it more difficult than it should be, the researcher explains to the online journal. it is also important what calories would be eaten. According to Spector, the nutritional information often inaccurate on labels.

Plus, you automatically consume fewer calories if you eat mostly whole foods with no artificial additives. “We have to stop talking about calories,” she said out loud. Business Insider. “Highly processed foods are the enemy.”

Many foods are processed, but some contain more, according to Specter dyes and preservativesaround flavor and texture to influence. These foods have been shown to be detrimental to our health. Finished products in particular can have a negative effect on our well-being and figure. In addition, they fill less than integral food – on the contrary: they can even stimulate the feeling of hunger.

Studies show that highly processed foods stimulate appetite

A small 2019 study by the US National Institutes of Health found that people whose diet large proportion of highly processed foods stock, average 500 more calories a day ate and gained more weight than people who ate fresh foods – so-called integral food. Science is not yet unanimous on the reasons for this. Another study from 2020 shows that processed foods can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Certain foods can clog the arteries and this in turn leads to serious complications.

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Of The London researcher Specter It also explains that all people have very different metabolic needs. Consequently, it is a mistake to go for general calorie limits and compare yourself to others. Various studies show that pure counting and reducing calories is rarely a successful weight loss strategy.

A croissant, for example, has fewer calories than toast with avocado and egg. However, the latter has a much higher nutritional value and will keep you going due to the Fiber, protein and healthy fats complete longer. According to Spector, counting calories often leads people to eat more highly processed foods because they initially appear to have fewer calories. However, these foods are often less filling. integral food on the other hand, it keeps you full and provides you with long-term energy. The result: less hunger and appetite. Therefore, you must in your calorie intake per day pay less attention to the calories in each and every food you eat.

Weight Loss Tip: Pay Attention to the Ingredient List

If you want to know if the food has been highly processed, the researcher gives advice on what list of ingredients about. Contains this more than 10 different ingredientsso this indicates high processing and you should avoid these foods if you want to lose weight.

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