Martin Rütter: canine professional surprises with statement on vegan nutrition

In the past, Martin Rütter has spoken out vehemently against vegan dog nutrition. The new discoveries caused a change of opinion.

NRW – Due to climate change and industrial agriculture, vegan nutrition is becoming more and more present in society. For this reason, many owners are starting to feed their dog only without animal products. Dog professional Martin Rütter (51) has been highly critical of this so far, he thought it was “completely stupid”. But now he has changed his mind, as he explains in his podcast “Tierisch human”.

person Martin Ruetter
worked Dog trainer
Born June 22, 1970 (age 51), Duisburg

Martin Rütter: vehement attitude against vegan nutrition in dogs

Martin Rütter has been seen as a dog pro on various television formats for over ten years; his opinion as an expert is highly sought after. On the joint podcast “Tierisch Human” with science reporter Katharina Adick, he recently discussed “vegan nutrition for dogs.”

Until now, however, the trained animal psychologist smiled at the subject. “I made fun of vegan diets in dogs very loudly and vehemently,” he reports on his podcast. But now the expert is very concerned about insect-based dog food and vegan nutrition (more celebrity and TV news on RUHR24).

Martin Rütter: change of opinion through a new study and factory farming

It is important to distinguish between a wild dog and a domestic dog. Dogs are naturally carnivorous and omnivorous, they would never consider eating without meat. However, if you have a domestic dog, you have to deal with it for better or worse at this time. The decisive factor for Rütter is factory farming.

The meat content of conventional animal feed often comes from factory farming, “and this promotes animal suffering.” Rütter recently campaigned for animal welfare on the show “The Ruthless Puppy Business.” Doesn’t that contradict the appropriate attitude for the species? No, says Rutter. It’s just not possible to keep a dog in a species-appropriate way for him, so he would have to run free, hunt three deer, have a pack, and be able to attack the neighbor’s dog from time to time.

A new study by researchers from Britain and Australia also shows new findings. Consequently, 2,500 dogs that were fed conventionally, vegan or exclusively raw meat were examined. As a result, conclusions were drawn about his state of health. The result: vegan dogs were the healthiest.

In his podcast “Tierisch Human”, Martin Rütter comments on the topic of vegan nutrition for dogs.

© Jörg Carstensen/dpa

Martin Rütter: Conventional nutrition is often bad

In the study, however, some factors must be considered, says the canine professional. He then knows that the ingredients in vegan dog food should ideally be “scientifically made.”

Also, conventional feed doesn’t have to be bad across the board, care just needs to be taken to ensure high quality ingredients are used in the feed used.

List of rubrics: © M. Kremer/Future Image/Imago

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