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The Mediterranean diet works against depression

the nutrition has far-reaching implications for mental health and it might also play a role in treating depression, according to a recent study.

That’s how they interpret it study results by an Australian research team Jessica Bayes of the Sydney University of Technology that a Mediterranean diet already after twelve weeks positive effects depressions unfolded. The study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

depression in young adults

Depression is one of the most common. Mental illness, especially in young adults. On the other hand, young adulthood offers a good opportunity for the first dietary interventionsthe researchers explain.

Previous studies have also indicated that a Mediterranean diet could be beneficial in the treatment of depression.

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Effect on depressed young men investigated

In the current study, the research team has now 72 youth (18-25 years old) with moderate to severe depression investigated whether a Mediterranean diet can improve depressive symptoms in clinical depression.

Participants in the test group were required to change their diet to a Mediterranean diet for twelve weeks. Mediterranean Adherence Score (MEDAS) It was sized.

At the beginning of the study, in the sixth week and in the twelfth week, depressive symptoms were measured using the Beck Depression Inventory Scale (BDI-II) certain. Furthermore, quality of life was Quality of life scores detected.

Fewer symptoms, better quality of life

After twelve weeks of Mediterranean diet, compared to the control group, one significantly less deterioration of the displayed BDI-II values, the researchers report.

The mean change in quality of life score was also the same after 12 weeks in the Mediterranean diet group. turned out to be significantly higherthe research team continues.

Even a three-month Mediterranean diet could have extremely positive effects on depressed young men. symptoms and quality of life have. According to the researchers, this should also be taken into account in specialist consultations.

Overall, the study confirms the importance of nutrition in depression treatment and the Mediterranean diet appears to be particularly advantageous here, as well as with many other aspects of health. (fp)

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  • Jessica Bayes, Janet Schloss, David Sibbritt: The effect of a Mediterranean diet on symptoms of depression in young men (the “AMMEND” study): a randomized control trial; In: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (published April 20, 2022),

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This article contains general advice only and should not be used for self-diagnosis or treatment. It cannot replace a visit to the doctor.


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