Mixed diet: can it be sustainable?

If you answer the question of what you eat approximately with “everything”, then you probably eat according to the principle of mixed diet. We explain exactly what a mixed diet means and how you can make this type of diet more sustainable.

there are many different subsistence allowance. If you only consume plant-based foods, you are eating vegan. If you also eat eggs and dairy, it is a vegetarian diet. The mixed diet also includes meat and fish included in the diet.

For the protection of the environment and animals, a vegan or at least vegetarian diet is especially recommended. If you pay attention to a few points, you can at least make the mixed diet more sustainable. This article gives you specific tips on how to do this.

What does mixed food mean?

Mixed diet does not automatically mean balanced.
Mixed diet does not automatically mean balanced. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Shutterbug75)

According to the Spectrum Nutrition Lexicon, the mixed diet refers to “diets composed of both plant and animal foods.” If you also have a good proportion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates eighth, we are talking about a balanced mixed diet.

A pizza with salami, for example, would be a mixed food thanks to the cereals, meat, cheese and tomato sauce, but not particularly balanced.

The 10 recommendations of the DGE

Even with a mixed diet, be sure to eat mostly plant-based foods.
Even with a mixed diet, be sure to eat mostly plant-based foods. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Silviarita)

The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends ten rules for a healthy diet as part of a mixed diet. Some of these also have a direct impact on the sustainability of your diet.

  • It is especially important that you eat a varied diet and plant-based eat That means: more plant-based foods than animal-based foods and as many as possible. As a guideline, the DGE recommends at least 400 grams of vegetables and 250 grams of fruit per day for adults. With the plant-based diet, you also eat more environmentally friendly. According to the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry, a mixed plant-based diet reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 15% compared to a meat-based one and saves land and water.
  • You can eat fish once or twice a week, but adults should limit themselves to 300 to 600 grams of meat and sausages per week. By consuming smaller amounts meat and fish Should you think of such from the biological point of view and species-appropriate animal husbandry can afford.
  • When preparing food, you can make sure you only cook it for as long and as hot as it really needs to be. On the one hand this preserves more nutrients, on the other hand you can do it very easily save energy.

This is how sustainable mixed feeding works

If you buy unpackaged, you save a lot of waste.
If you buy unpackaged, you save a lot of waste. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Movie Viewer)

The DGE also provides direct advice on sustainable nutrition. You can combine them with mixed foods.

  • The central aspect is the already mentioned plant based diet.
  • Furthermore, it is important that you ecologically and fairly produced food to buy
  • Whenever possible, you can too shop regionally.
  • It is best to only buy foods that are available now season have. Then you are more likely to find an offer from your region.

In addition to the diet itself, you can make your mixed diet sustainable by manipulating food consciously. For example, try to throw as little as possible and maybe food waste to avoid:

  • When you go shopping, make sure you buy only what you can safely eat.
  • Just in case Best before exceeded, examine food for appearance, smell, and taste. Most of the time, the food is still edible without any problem, even after it has expired.

buy if possible unpackaged products a. You can find fruit and vegetables at a weekly market, but often also in supermarkets and always in organic markets, to buy in bulk. You can simply pack it in old paper or cloth bags that you brought with you. maybe you like one too bulk store visit? There you will find a lot of different things, like pasta or muesli, to fill the containers you brought with you.

Also, avoid as much as possible ready meals and frozen foods or at least reduce their consumption. almost always strong processed foodscontaining preservatives, colorants or other additives. And by the way, you save money if you cook yourself and plant-based.

Try new things

Even if you follow a mixed diet regularly, you can try a vegan or vegetarian diet.
Even if you follow a mixed diet regularly, you can try a vegan or vegetarian diet. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / b1-photo)

Even if you eat a mixed diet every day, it can be a worthwhile experience to try a different diet from time to time. A particularly popular example of this is the “veganYou eat vegan for a month. By name, most people try it in January, but there’s nothing wrong with going vegan in April, or any other time period.

At Veganuary or just because you can be vegan as part of the mixed diet meat alternatives and try alternatives to dairy products. For example, there are different vegan cheese or Non-dairy milk as a milk substitute.

For maximum regionality, you can also grow your own fruit and vegetables. A garden is the best option for this, but even with a balcony you can take care of many things. For example, you can Plant tomatoes on the balcony.and even potatoes on the balcony are an option

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