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I admit it, I like meat. I even like dishes that many of my friends don’t even want to smell: tripe, black pudding or wild boar stew, for example. That is quite unusual. Although each German eats an average of 55 kilograms of meat a year, offal or game is rarely served in this country. Pork and chicken are the most commonly eaten in Germany. The average consumption per capita last year was 20 kilograms of poultry meat.

This also has an impact on the climate, because according to the Federal Environment Agency, nutrition accounts for 15 percent of the ecological footprint of the German population. Animal foods play an important role in this as they consume a lot of resources in their farming and a lot of greenhouse gases are produced when they are farmed. In livestock, organic and species-appropriate farming remains a niche. According to the Federal Statistical Office, more than 33 percent of goats were raised organically in 2020, more than 13 percent of sheep, and just under one percent of pigs.

If you want to protect the weather as a carnivorous broadcaster, it’s not that easy. Especially since the question of attitude is not the only one that consumers have to clarify before more sustainability comes into play. The extent to which a food actually affects the climate has to do with many different factors. In my research, I tried to find out what every Munich resident can do to eat climate-friendly (SZ Plus).

In the end, I had to think of a line from the race scene, where healthy eating is often discussed: “Eat like your grandparents.” For me that would mean: meat, cabbage, carrots and potatoes from the garden once a week, and plenty of soup.

I think even at the end of Lent that would not be such a bad prospect for the future.


11.5 million euros for the luxury villa in Boateng The property of the former FC Bayern soccer player in Grünwald is for sale. It’s not exactly a bargain, but there are six rooms and even a movie theater.

“Künstlerhaus” sold to an investor for 22.5 million euros Although the city has apparently offered a higher price for the residential building on Thalkirchner Strasse, he doesn’t stand a chance. Tenants will likely have to search for new apartments.

Raven until the police come Illegal, drugged, ruthless? Raves, and outdoors, have a decidedly bad image. Because in reality? A visit to techno DJ Constantin De Pilar and a scene very different from his reputation (SZ Plus).

16,000 fans expected at the German Darts Grand Prix in Munich Series winner Michael van Gerwen is also there after the three-year break from Corona, as is a young German.

With 110 things about Ingolstädter Straße In his BMW convertible, a 19-year-old travels at more than twice the speed limit. At the end of the day, he will probably lose his driver’s license and the car as well.



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