Neuss Weight Loss Coach Florian Kock Discusses Diet Change

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Changing your diet: simple, but not easy

Diet is the most important lever when it comes to doing something good for yourself. However, many do not know how to approach long-term change. Our columnist Florian Kock, personal trainer and weight loss coach, shows one way.

If you want to do something good for your body and even lose some weight, there is a powerful lever for you: nutrition. Most people know this, but the big question is: Where is the best place to start?

Changing your diet can be simple. I write extra simple and not easy. Because initially it doesn’t feel easy for most people. Becoming aware of long-term eating habits and then changing them means higher energy expenditure. I have to be honest. Anyone who eats something three times a day eats nearly 1,100 meals in a year. That’s almost 5,500 meals in the last five years, when nutrition may not have been as important. Expecting to simply change your diet in the next three weeks is way out of proportion. Take your time, don’t have a fixed end date in mind, prefer to strive for constant improvement. Weekly or monthly improvements until the diet changes to your liking with ease.

One way to start is to make conscious nutritional decisions by keeping a nutritional diary for a month. You can do it by hand or take a photo of each meal with your smartphone. So you can see every night what has been put together. How many meals were there? How often did you eat? How many vegetables were there? Was there enough protein and fruit? How big were the portions? The number of questions can be intimidating, two or three are enough at first.

In the second step, I recommend eating a maximum of three to four meals a day. The division depends on personal preferences. For those who don’t like breakfast, the lunch, snack and dinner split is perfectly fine. It is important to pay attention to the feeling of hunger. Are you really hungry and when is it just boredom or when is increased stress tempting you to eat? At this point, the following motto may help: “If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution either.”

If these suggestions have been implemented for four to eight weeks, positive changes in scales, waistline, or energy level should have occurred. In the third step, the goal should be to eat at least one large serving of vegetables every day, have a protein source at each meal, and eat fruit or a handful of nuts as a between-meal snack. This ensures that the body is not lacking in vitamins and nutrients. As mentioned at the beginning, it is important to take your time, change should be approached slowly, and you should strive for improvement. This makes changing your diet easy and you can benefit from it for the rest of your life.


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