New Deli Reform Survey: Plant-Based Has No Age

April 13, 2022

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Environment, animal welfare and health as reasons for vegan nutrition.

Veganism is not a question of generations, but a question of conscience: a vegan diet can save around 40 percent of CO2 compared to a conventional diet. Furthermore, a plant-based lifestyle is beneficial to health and contributes to animal welfare. Most Germans become vegan or vegetarian before the age of 30.

However, a survey by food manufacturer Deli Reform now shows that 82 percent of people over the age of 50 eat a meatless diet at least twice a week. Deli Reform is a pioneer in the plant-based food market: the company has been producing plant-based margarines and spreads for over 60 years, making it a driving force behind plant-based nutrition. . Vegan classics in the range include Deli Reform The Original, Deli Reform The Light and Deli Reform Simply Cooking.

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Whether they’re 18 or Deli Reform’s age, 94 percent of respondents agree: Since eating vegan, they’ve noticed positive changes. This includes a better body feel (61 percent), fewer complaints overall (48 percent), better performance (35 percent), and cooking more fun (32 percent).

Two-thirds of vegans have been eating plants for several years. 10 percent have gone vegan during the pandemic and a third have only been vegan for a few months. The reasons are clear across genders and generations: environment and animal welfare (94%) and health (84%) are unquestioned in the top 3. Sustainability follows at 71%, while vegetarian was the trigger for only 10% of respondents. . The perception is positive: “plant-based”, “healthy” and “sustainable” are the terms that are most associated with “vegan”.

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Is it all just a trend?

Even in old age it is no longer a trend: for 15 percent of those over 50, veganism is already an integral part of their diet. The age group differs only slightly from the overall result. The top 10 percent have yet to deal with vegan nutrition. That’s 12 percent less than the survey’s cross-age result.

But what is the best way to inform the undecided about the benefits? More than one person would like recipes, at best, healthy and tasty at the same time. “The healthy hedonism trend is in line with our philosophy at Deli Reform,” explains Harald Guimaraes, Marketing Director. Because consumers are no longer afraid of vegan recipes. On the contrary: 32 percent have discovered a passion for trying new purely plant-based recipes and enjoy buying and cooking them at home.

“When developing recipes, we draw on our many years of experience with purely plant-based products. So we know exactly what is good for your health and tastes great at the same time”, continues Guimaraes. Deli Reform margarines are a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. They are also rich in vitamins D and E. “Deli Reform is committed to a conscious and balanced plant-based diet, constantly reviewing the recipes and, if necessary, adapting them to current scientific recommendations,” concludes Guimaraes.

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