Nutrient deficiency: 12 signs that speak of an unbalanced diet

Are you unfocused, constantly tired or sleep poorly? Then it is very possible that you are missing important nutrients.

If the diet is fairly one-sided, we may not be getting enough vitamins and trace elements, which are essential for blood formation, for example. Zinc or iron, for example, can be easily absorbed by the body through meat, and anyone following a vegetarian or vegan diet should ensure that they regularly absorb these trace minerals elsewhere.

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Even if this list isn’t a replacement for the CBC and doesn’t claim to be complete: Business Insider has rounded up symptoms that might indicate you’re eating too one-sidedly.

12 signs that indicate a nutrient deficiency


You are constantly tired and unfocused.


you are forgetful


You have brittle or wavy fingernails and toenails


You have poor wound healing.


Hair loss


You have the corners of your mouth broken…


…or the feeling of constantly having to move your legs.


You are restless and irritable.


You have dry skin and hair.


You often have muscle cramps

Cavan Images/Getty Images

you have trouble sleeping


No matter how hard you try, you just won’t lose weight

This article originally appeared on Business Insider in May 2021. It has now been reviewed and updated.

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