Nutrition: These 3 foods are not as unhealthy as they seem

These 3 foods are not as unhealthy as you think

Women eat dark chocolate: these foods are not as bad as they seem

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We like to divide foods into two simple categories: good and bad. Many foods are not as unhealthy as we think, at least when you consider some things.

With many foods, we are certain to know how beneficial or harmful they are to our health: fruits and vegetables end up on the positive side, while chocolate or bread are clearly labeled “unhealthy”. But is it really always that simple? After all, food consists of countless components with different effects, which in total are not just “good” or “bad”.

The bad reputation of certain foods unfairly precedes them, because if you pay attention to a few things when choosing and eating them, the dishes are not as unhealthy as you think.

3 foods that are not as bad as they say they are

1. coffee

Coffee is very popular for its invigorating effect. The caffeine it contains gives us energy by inhibiting the effects of adenosine, a messenger substance that signals our body to feel tired.

Coffee has received a lot of criticism, mainly for its high caffeine content. Of course, in excess it is not healthy, but in moderation, the drink is even beneficial for health. According to a study conducted by the elite American university Harvard, moderate coffee consumption, that is, between three and five cups a day, reduces the risk of heart disease by 15 percent compared to not drinking coffee at all. Consumed in moderation, the hot drink is not only completely harmless for most adults, it can even have a positive effect on health.

2. Bread + pasta

We’re quick to label grain products like bread and pasta as unhealthy, primarily because of their high amount of carbohydrates. They are important providers of energy that give us strength and keep us full for a long time. Here, too, the quantity is particularly important, because an excess of cereal products quickly causes an unpleasant feeling of satiety and other negative consequences.

But in moderation and, more importantly, from whole grains, bread, pasta and the like can be healthy components of a balanced diet. Foods made from wholemeal flour ensure long-lasting satiety and a balanced energy boost. This is due to so-called complex carbohydrates which, unlike the simple carbohydrates in white flour, cause our blood sugar level to rise slowly and steadily and thus keep us full for longer. more time.

This effect is enhanced by the large amount of dietary fiber it contains. They ensure that we feel full for a while after a plate of wholemeal pasta, for example, and they also have a positive effect on our digestion.

3. chocolate

Chocolate makes you fat and sick, that’s the prejudice. Especially dark chocolate with a high cocoa content may even have health benefits. Because dark chocolate is particularly rich in flavanols, secondary plant substances that have an antioxidant effect. This means that they protect our cells from negative environmental influences. According to a study by the Italian University of L’Aquila, cocoa can even have a positive effect on our heart health by lowering blood pressure, among other things.

Important when consuming chocolate: In principle, of course, do not enjoy too much sweetness at once and instead of milk chocolate, it is best to use a bar with at least 70 percent cocoa content and no lots of added sugar. A good indicator: cocoa should be the first item on the ingredient list.

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