Nutrition: when food supplements make sense and when they don’t

The prerequisite for a healthy diet is the supply of all essential nutrients. Many take dietary supplements to do this. The expert says: Better to eat healthy.

STYRIA. They are available in the form of tablets, powder, capsules or liquid: dietary supplements. They contain high concentrations of nutrients such as vitamins or minerals and they have long since entered our daily lives. “I would say that half the population in Austria take dietary supplements,” he says. Christoph Hoenauer of the Medical University of Graz. He is a specialist in gastroenterology and advises caution when taking this type of preparation. In many cases, dietary supplements are more commercial than healthy.

Someone who has a healthy and balanced diet can provide the body with the vitamins it needs without the need for food supplements.

It is only useful in certain cases.

“People take it because they think it’s healthy or because they think they’re malnourished,” says Högenauer. “However, if you eat a normal, balanced diet, you can do without dietary supplements.” With each meal can supply the body with the vitamins and minerals it needs. However, there are certain cases in which the expert considers dietary supplements useful. “By the way diseasesin the the pregnancy or about on a vegan diet.”

Although dietary supplements are available without a prescription, the expert advises consulting a doctor before buying them.

Where are the vitamins it contains?

Vitamin A it is important for our eyes, but also for growth and our immune system. Peppers, spinach or kale are good sources of vitamin A. Egg yolks, mushrooms or salmon give us Vitamin Dwhich is important for teeth and bones. Vitamin E it is responsible for protection against cell damage and is found, for example, in vegetable oils or nuts. Includes lettuce and broccoli. vitamin K for blood coagulation and bone metabolism. It is found in whole grains and dairy products. folic acidwhich is important for cell division and cell growth. biotin it is in turn important for the skin and hair and is found in dried fruits, legumes or oats.

Do you take supplements?

most don’t need it

Whether and when it makes sense depends on the situation or illness. The expert recommends a medical opinion catch up While many dietary supplements can be easy and no prescription be bought, but if you don’t know, there is a risk of one overdose of certain vitamins. “Basically, I would always see a doctor, because most people just don’t need one,” says Högenauer. Instead, one should, if possible, pay attention to a healthy diet and at least take a critical look at dietary supplements.

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Children should also be aware of healthy eating.

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