On the way to sustainable nutrition in South Tyrol

The NEST (Sustainable Food System South Tyrol) project, initiated by Eurac Research and supported by the State of South Tyrol through the business service provider IDM, pursues one of the 17 goals of the 2030 Agenda, namely ensuring sustainable food . The project aims to anchor sustainable food in South Tyrolean gastronomy.

Therefore, it is about increasing the proportion of purely organic regional dishes in South Tyrolean restaurants. It is also about reducing the ecological footprint and reducing food waste.

The kick-off meeting of the NEST project took place at the Palais Widmann in Bolzano in the presence of Governor Arno Kompatscher and numerous representatives of local gastronomy and agriculture. The motto “local and fair” for a regional and healthy diet formed the common thread of the meeting, which already presents the second phase of the project.

According to Governor Kompatscher, in order to achieve this goal of sustainable nutrition, the interaction between agriculture and gastronomy must be optimized in the sense of the circular economy.

“Sustainable nutrition has been discussed for at least 20 years,” said Kompatscher, “now it is important to structure this process to really have more local products on South Tyrolean menus.” He expects a lot from the project, says Kompatscher. , precisely because different actors are working together to intensify the “producer to fork” strategy.

Aim for sustainable nutrition models

At the NEST kick-off meeting there were numerous contributions from experts in the field of food sustainability. Markus Schermer from the University of Innsbruck, for example, highlighted the issue of regionalization of food webs, took a look at the connection between nutrition, globalization and regionalization, and showed possible approaches for a less environmentally polluting model of nutrition.

The flagship model “Wirt sucht Bauer” from Germany was also presented, in which a platform brings together producers, restaurateurs, food artisans and sustainable food initiatives in general. A model from South Tyrol was also presented, namely the logistics start-up SLON (Logistics Network of South Tyrol), a successful platform connecting local producers and distributors in need of transport and which has already received the mobility award.

NEST Project: In several steps towards sustainable nutrition

In the first phase of the NEST project, the criteria for a sustainable food system is developed locally and collects information on food production and consumption in South Tyrol to get an overview of the current situation and important elements of local/regional, fair food production, processing and consumption and environmentally friendly. food. The final report on this will be published in September.

According to the LPA, the measures will be defined together with the project partners in the third phase of the project. This includes the criteria according to which South Tyrolean gastronomy should be based in order to support sustainable, natural and fair nutrition, under the motto “from field to plate”, so to speak.


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