Philipp Lahm: “I eat much less”

After his sports career, former world champion Philipp Lahm’s daily life changed, and with it his diet. The former soccer player now knows tips and tricks to stay in shape without hours of training.

When Philipp Lahm was still a top athlete and trained every day, four meals a day were no problem, including cake in the afternoon. Today, five years after the end of his active football career, it is different: “Like much less,” the 38-year-old former captain of the national football team laughs in an interview with the German Press Agency. . “I have to watch how many meals I’m eating and what the portions are. And I often get along pretty well with two meals a day.”

Philipp Lahm: Book on the “holistic health concept”

Health and a healthy diet are important to Lahm, so important that he has now written a book about it: “Everyone can be healthy” is the name of the guide he presented at the Munich Olympic Park. Where he often played football as a child.

It is “his holistic health concept developed with experts”, as the publisher calls it. The 38-year-old demonstrates exercises, gives tips for increased mobility and shares recipe ideas. “Sitting is the new smoking habit,” says the book, for example, because many people have been moving less than before since the corona pandemic. Lahm’s advice: When making calls in his home office, put on your headset and walk around the house. “I also do a lot of things on foot or by bike,” he says.

Philipp Lahm ad free for weight loss programs

And so he was saved from the fate of former colleagues who only realized after the end of their career that they could no longer eat everything, when the scales told them so clearly. Former national goalkeeper and current FC Bayern coach Oliver Kahn says that he gained ten kilos and then announced a weight loss program a few years ago. In the case of lameness, the weight should not increase in the first place. “Actually, I just want to hold it because I really feel pretty fit.”

For those who feel different, he has some advice in the book. Don’t set your goals too high, she warns: “I can’t set a goal of losing 40 pounds. It’s all about daily routines. “You can’t do anything without having fun,” says Lahm. “I’ve never run a marathon either.”

The former captain of the national soccer team has already published two books that deal with his sports career. Last year he published “The Game-The World of Football” and in 2011 the book “The Fine Difference-How to Become a Top Footballer Today”.

Today he leads a “normal” life.

In his current book, he not only provides health and fitness advice, but also insights into his life after his active football career. “Today I lead a life like many others,” she writes. “I have a normal job, I have to take care of paperwork and appointments, make sure our kids eat their breakfast or help them with their homework, or do the family shopping or cook.”

He only follows the turbulence of his former club from afar, he says in the interview with dpa, although he remains in contact with one or another teammate. And when it comes to Robert Lewandowski, whose departure to Barcelona I would regret, what comes to mind is that he doesn’t want to follow his example of eating dessert first. “I always like a dessert that comes after,” Lahm says with a laugh. “We value tradition.”

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