Pre-race nutrition: advice from world-class runners

If you’re preparing for a big competition, like a marathon, you’re probably worried about nutrition.

After all, nutrition should ensure that we are at the starting line with all the reserves of energy.

The priority increases with the duration of the competition.

basically: big nutritional experiments should not be done before a competition. The shortest He too competition distance is he diet is less important before the competition.

While we rely on full energy stores for a marathon, we don’t need full glycogen stores for a 5K run, and our body doesn’t access fat stores anyway during such a short, high-intensity competition above of the anaerobic threshold.

Carbohydrate loading before the marathon

But back to the marathon. There, in the last days before the competition, an important role is assigned to carbohydrate loading. So the point is that we completely fill the glycogen stores.

A drastic change in eating habits could also become dangerous. Because we should only eat what we are used to and not do any experiments so close to the competition.

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Glycogen stores as a source of energy

In the marathon, the body “mainly” (but not exclusively) uses glucose as a source of energy, as this is the fastest energy available. Therefore, ours must Filled glycogen stores before the marathon.

Glucose is a simple sugar that is stored in the body as a polysaccharide, glycogen. During the marathon itself, you can increase your blood glucose level by drinking energy gels and carbohydrate drinks.

Watch out for the pasta party!

In it last three or four days before the marathon therefore, you should eat foods that a high proportion of carbohydrates they have, but they are also well tolerated by the broker.

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the food is perfect complex carbohydrates and one low glycemic index (AMERICAN SOLDIER). These include Potato, Whole Grains, Rice Y pasta. You should not eat too much the night before the competition (caution: pasta party), because our body needs a lot of time to digest foods rich in carbohydrates, which in turn could disturb our sleep.

Vegetables the night before?

The athlete platform SweatElite asked some of the top athletes about their eating habits the night before the competition. Here are the answers:

The multiple Olympic champion mo farah It is based on noodles, steamed vegetables and grilled chicken. best runner Desiree Linden trust white rice, Meb Keflezighi he is a fan of pasta and eats spaghetti with meatballs, sauce and Parmesan. Also kara goucher He also prefers pasta dishes. sarah hall try to eat lots of small meals that include chicken, rice, and pasta on the last day before the marathon. She avoids vegetables because she doesn’t want to carry fiber in her intestines to the competition.

The last meal before the start.

On the day of the race, the last meal before the competition must also be eaten. Low glycemic carbohydrates (IG) exist. it is important that you eat slowlyso saturation occurs even though a small amount is eaten.

One must be with food. small amount of fat and protein be supplemented, because these accelerate the feeling of satiety. For example, a bowl of banana oatmeal would be ideal.

According to a study by the American College of Sports Medicine, the last great meal (Breakfast) three or four hours before the competition to be eaten. This leaves plenty of time for complete digestion, so you are guaranteed to be at the starting line without a full stomach, but with a full glycogen store.

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