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Wittenberg. Nutrition plays an important role in people’s lives. It is crucial for our health. Ulrike Pritzner from Wittenbeck thinks why this should not apply to pets as well. She is a dog and cat nutritionist.

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“Pet food often doesn’t contain what’s on the label,” she says. The 44-year-old believes the industry can get rid of a lot more than people realize. After all, animal feed is not human food.

Itching, paw licking and behavior due to improper feeding.

If the packaging says “animal by-products” under the ingredients, you don’t know exactly what’s behind it. “It fills the animals up, but it usually doesn’t feed them,” says Pritzner. Also the veterinarian Dr. Ute Schwanbeck from Bad Doberan confirms: “There are animal feed suppliers who do not declare everything that is inside. But there is also something that has an exact statement and you have to stick to it.”

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Itching, paw licking, kidney disease, diabetes, or abnormal behavior such as a type of ADHD — these can all be the consequences of poor nutrition, says Pritzner. “If the dog is fed too much fat, he has problems, just like with humans,” says veterinarian Schwanbeck.

At the time, Ulrike Pritzner herself had dogs in which she had seen positive changes after changing their diet. “Our dog couldn’t concentrate on training due to allergies because it itched all the time.”

Animals today have more allergies than in the past

Today, the nutritionist shows other pet owners that this behavior comes from food. But many would not know. “No one intentionally gives their dog anything bad,” she says. Animals would have more allergies today than before. That is also related to diet. According to veterinarian Schwanbeck, the genetic predisposition of the animals is also a decisive factor.

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With her training as an animal healer and her experience as a dog trainer, Pritzner has read up on the subject of animal nutrition and continues to educate herself regularly. With a sales associate, she now sells food as a sales representative, which she is supposed to feed both dogs and cats correctly.

All ingredients must be listed.

A piece of advice from her: “All the ingredients must be detailed in the feed. At the end you have to add up to 100 percent. For me, that is the only serious thing.” Because even two or three percent of unnamed content can trigger something in the long run.

BARF as species-appropriate animal nutrition

She recommends BARF for animals. “This is the biologically appropriate meat diet for the species,” explains Pritzner. BARF stands for Raw Various Animal Feed. The term originally comes from the US and was initially an abbreviation for “born again raw feeders.” However, according to the nutritionist, there is much to consider. “Raw meat is not the same as raw meat,” she says.

That is a complex issue. “What type of meat, what viscera and what mineral additives, what oil must be given in what combination and in what proportions so that the animal feeds optimally and that must be alternated”, he explains. In addition, you also have to take into account the quality. Therefore, Barfen is complex, expensive and requires a lot of space to store everything in portions.

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“The vegan diet goes against nature”

According to Ulrike Pritzner, vegetarian or vegan diets haven’t been around for that long. “It is not yet possible to say too much about the long-term consequences, to what extent deficiency symptoms may occur ten years from now,” she says.

However, there are also high-quality plant-based protein sources, but then you have to feed a lot from this source. Which would affect the price. You think it goes against nature. “Dogs and cats would always grab a prey animal and not pull out a pea,” says the nutritionist.

Food as a free sample meal

She is currently still a sales representative on a sideline, but the goal is to go back to work full-time as a nutritionist. “I’ve done this full time before and it’s more satisfying for me. I have more time for my kids and animals than if I had a desk job,” she says. Six British Shorthairs belong to her household. breed with light fur and blue eyes.The family would like to have dogs again soon.

Cat and dog nutritionist Ulrike Pritzner feeds her cats Barf food.

Cat and dog nutritionist Ulrike Pritzner feeds her cats Barf food.

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