Protein Bars: Hype or Really Healthy?

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Practical to take with you, it has a long shelf life and satisfies hunger between meals: the protein bar. While in the past athletes in particular relied on this protein product it can be found in almost every supermarket today and is also popular with non-athletes. What is protein really for, how much protein do you need per day, do athletes need the bars and do non-athletes also benefit from protein bars, These are questions to which many do not have an immediate answer..

Proteins and what we need them for

Protein bars are considered very healthy by most. But first, let’s take a look at the proteins themselves.: For us humans, proteins, synonymous with protein, are vital. They are made up of amino acids and, depending on the type of protein, they perform a different function for your body. you deliver them Basic building blocks for muscles, blood, and organs, as well as enzymes and hormones..

Especially for athletes who I want to build muscle, an adequate supply of protein is essential. Proteins ensure that the muscles are maintained and developed even during increased physical exertion. When it comes to food, there are many Natural sources of vegetable proteins: Legumes, soy products, oilseeds, nuts, whole grains, pseudo grains and vegetables such as spinach, potatoes, Brussels sprouts or broccoli. looking at the animal protein sources Eggs, low-fat quark, Greek yogurt, milk, beef and poultry, salmon, and trout stand out.

Of average protein requirement of a person is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. The German Institute for Sports Nutrition eV notes that athletes should expect a protein requirement of 1.4 to 1.6 grams per kilogram of body weight per day, depending on the intensity, duration and frequency of training. There is actually a definite increased need for protein in performance-oriented endurance sports and strength training for specific muscle development; here at least 20% more protein is required. In addition, the daily protein requirement is slightly higher in children, pregnant women and the elderly (over 65 years of age)..

Protein bars for athletes and non-athletes

If you as an athlete need a higher amount of protein, you should try to cover it by combining different protein sources. A combination of vegetable and animal proteins increases the biological value of the protein. Generally is It is quite possible to cover the requirement completely with natural foods.. It is important that you adjust your protein intake during intensive training, muscle building or strength training. Especially when you’re on the go, but it can also practically be able to quickly turn to a protein bar from time to time.

you also eat as not athlete like protein bars, there is a legitimate question as to whether this can be harmful or, in certain cases, not even necessary. In fact, vegans and vegetarians who get little or no protein from animal sources generally more conscious with an adequate supply of protein have to deal with. If you’re not sure if you’re getting enough of the nutrient, you can get an exam and advice from your doctor. If you cannot cover your needs well with vegetable protein sources, it can help you in this special case to opt for a protein bar. If you, as a carnivore, find it difficult to meet your protein needs or if you have a severe caloric deficit, protein bars may be a good option. In the long term you could Nutritional advice or a conversation with a doctor. they also help meet your protein requirements from natural sources.

After Caution: too much protein can have a negative effect on your health. On the one hand, an excessive and permanent intake of protein can cause a kind of acidification of the body and increase the risk of osteoporosis, rheumatism and gout. An excess of proteins that have to be metabolized can cause an overload of the kidneys and the liver due to the intermediate products that are formed.

Information on protein bars

The base of the protein bars are especially milk protein, wheat protein and soy protein. Also, protein bars are often advertised as low in carbohydrates and calories. If you look at the ingredients, you can usually still discover a high proportion of sugar or sugar substitutes, such as glucose syrup, fructose syrup, and invert sugar syrup. This shows: Not all protein bars are automatically healthy. In addition, they are usually enriched with vitamins and minerals. This could even lead to an oversupply of nutrients in individual areas.

You pay between €0.50 and around €3 for one of the bars. Each bar primarily contains 10 to 20 grams of protein. The Bavaria consumer service postulates that a protein bar after exercise is not harmful, but it is cheaper and more balanced is to use natural sources of protein such as milk or quark after training.

If you want to eat a protein bar from time to time, you should Be sure to check the ingredients throw. For example, if the sugar content is very high, your blood sugar level rises rapidly and falls again. Therefore, your energy boost is very short. The caloric content can also be very high. If you are currently on a diet, this aspect could be important to you. A The list of ingredients can be an indication Ser: The shorter the ingredient list, the more natural the bar usually is. Alternatively, you can also choose Make your own protein bars. The advantage: you know exactly what is in it. You can find numerous recipes online that are easy and inexpensive to implement.


As the German Society for Nutrition eV (DGE) put it well: From a nutritional point of view products rich in superfluous proteins, as the normal daily protein requirement is based on a balanced diet can be easily covered with natural sources. Protein bars can be a healthy snack from time to time and a good alternative to classic candy bars or the like if pay attention to the ingredients and make sure that the consumption of the bar is compatible with your daily protein needs.

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