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Ancient Grain Emmer: The Largest Crop Study to Date

Ancient cereal varieties such as Emmer and Einkorn are enjoying growing popularity again. However, cultivation and further processing are more complicated than with widespread cereals such as wheat. In the biggest so far Research on growing emmer the advantages and disadvantages of cultivation have emerged.

In the world’s largest Emmer experiment to date, researchers at the University of Hohenheim have shown the challenges involved in growing the ancient grain. The results, which can be seen on the university’s website, could make an important contribution to promoting emmer cultivation.

Emmer is one of the oldest types of grain

As the working group reports, emerald was one of the first grains that humanity grew when it moved from hunter-gatherers to sedentary farmers.

However, during the heyday of the Egyptian pharaohs, Emmer was largely forgotten. Now, the old forgotten cereal is popular again. However, cultivation and processing pose new challenges for agriculture.

There are also dozens of varieties of emmer

“Even with little used species like the emerald, there are dozens of varieties that differ significantly in their properties”explains the director of research Professor Dr. Federico Longin of the State Seed Breeding Institute of the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart.

you have with your team 143 different varieties of Emmer Tested at five growing locations in Baden-Württemberg for suitability for cultivation. “We were able to measure huge differences in field yield as well as baking”stressed yearning.

Emmer produces only half as much grain as wheat.

“Emmer only has about half the grain yield of wheat, but more straw, and this with minimal fertilization”raises yearning the key differences. Emmer is particularly suitable for late crop rotation, poor soils, or in general where fertilization should or should not be used.

Additional emmer processing

However, other factors must also be taken into account during post-processing. “Emmer has a significantly harder grain and completely different dough properties than wheat”passed Franz Pfleger of the Detmold Institute for Grain and Fat Analysis GmbH (DIGef).

Therefore, standard wheat processes cannot be used with emmer. During the course of the investigation, the team was able to Adjustments to grinding and baking recipes. document that is required for further processing of individual Emmer varieties.

Emmer bread stays fresh longer

“Compared to wheat, emerald has higher water absorption and keeps bread fresher”stressed male nurse. However, a disadvantage is the lower stability of the dough. In addition, the emmer dough reacts more sensitively to excessively intense kneading. Such properties must be known in mills and bakeries during further processing.

“Emmer is the spelled of tomorrow”

“For me, emmer is the spelled of tomorrow, providing exciting baked goods with a unique taste”commented Master baker Sebastian Brücklmaier from the Brücklmaier bakery in Munich.

It already has experience in the production of Emmer baked goods. “Knead the dough just a little, work with a previous dough or sourdough and add a little oil to the dough”the master baker reveals some important aspects of emmer processing.

It depends on the choice of variety.

According to research director Longin, choosing the right variety is the key to growing emerald on a larger scale. “The grain yield varied from 20 to more than 50 dt/ha”explains the teacher.

“And some varieties of emmer could not be baked at all despite recipe adjustments, while others delivered excellent baked goods.”, according to the expert. Therefore, a compromise between the best performance and the best baking properties is necessary. (verb)

Author and source of information

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Graduate Editor (FH) Volker Blasek


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