Sea jets reverse the signs of aging: healing practice

Cognition preserved in old age by plasmalogens

Many people want a kind of silver bullet to protect themselves stop aging or even the other way around. consumption of calls sea ​​squirtsthat is, of tunicates living in the sea, it could be a first step towards making exactly this possible.

Sea jets contain so-called plasmalogens and in a new study involving experts from the Liverpool Jiaotong University examined whether an increase in plasmalogen level reverse the effects of aging. For this purpose, older mice received plasmalogens through their diet.

The results can be found in the English journal “Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences”.

dream of eternal youth

It has always been a dream of humanity to stay young forever or reverse aging. Here certain foods could have an effect on aging.

One such food is sea squirts found in Japanese and Korean dishes (Ascidiacea). These marine organisms contain substances known as plasmalogens be appointed.

What are plasmalogens?

plasmalogens they are very important for processes in the human body and are found everywhere in the human body, especially in the heart, brain and immune cells, the researchers explain. As people get older decreases the amount of plasmalogen in the body.

According to the team, degradation is also considered a feature of several neurodegenerative diseases. This includes Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Plasmalogens affect learning ability

By studying the effects of a diet with Plasmalogens as a dietary supplement In mice, the researchers found profound changes in the learning ability and physical symptoms of the animals

Reverse cognitive impairments in the brain

Our research suggests that plasmalogens not only stop cognitive decline, but may also reverse cognitive decline in the aging brain. In addition, aged mice fed plasmalogens develop new black hairs that are thicker and shinier than aged mice that did not receive the supplement.‘ reports the author of the study. Lei Fu Professor of the Xi’an Jiaotong University-Liverpool in a press release.

The impact on that Learning and Memory the mice were with the help of a so-called Morris Water Mazes examined. It is a kind of labyrinth in a pool of water with a platform as a quiet area.

Mice usually swim not much. Therefore, after a period of five days, they remember where the platform is in the water basin and how to get there as quickly as possible, according to the team.

So the animals could swim directly to the platform, once they were in the pool. Older mice after the same training time were shown to still it took more timeto find the platform.

Younger brain through plasmalogens?

But when these older animals were fed plasmalogens, their behavior was more like that of young mice. This is how the old mice found the platform Too much fasterthan in the case of older animals in the control group, which had not received any supplementation with plasmalogens, the experts report.

Greater number and quality of synapses

To identify what underlies the observed improvement, the researchers examined the brain changes the animals. It turned out that the mice that received plasmalogene had a increased number and quality of synapses compared to old mice in the control group.

What is the function of synapses?

The synapses denote the connections between nerve cells. They are an essential part of neural networks and crucial for learning and memory, experts explain.

Synapse degradation with aging

According to the team, synapses are often highly plastic in childhood. However, with increasing age or with the appearance of neurodegenerative diseases, number of synapses or its function it deteriorates. This then leads to cognitive decline.

Halt age-related deterioration of synapses

In the new study, older animals fed plasmalogen showed greater potential for learning new skills and to Formation of new neural networks., compared to older mice in the control group. The results suggest that plasmalogens could reverse age-related deterioration of synapses.

Neurodegeneration caused by inflammation in the brain

As another characteristic of aging and an important neurodegeneration factor appoint investigators inflammation in the brain. Too much inflammation can have a negative impact on cognitive abilities.

This is because such inflammation causes the brain’s immune system to fail. hyperactive he turns and attacks himself. become like this damaged neurons and the synapses no longer work properly.

Plasmalogens significantly reduce inflammation

However, the current study showed that feeding plasmalogens to old mice resulted in inflammation was significantly reducedcompared to animals on a normal diet.

This explains, at least in part, why older animals were fed plasmalogens. Do better learning and memory tasks.. However, according to the team, it is still unclear how plasmalogen supplementation produces such significant changes in learning and memory.

Plasmalogens appear to promote neuroregeneration

We have found that plasmalogens significantly increase the amount of molecules that promote the growth and development of neurons and synapses in the brain. This suggests that plasmalogens may promote neuroregeneration.“, reports teacher fu to possible mechanisms of action.

There is also growing evidence that plasmalogens directly affect the structural properties of synapses. Plasmalogens can increase the fluidity and flexibility of synaptic membranes, affecting the transmission of impulses between neurons‘ adds the doctor.

Furthermore, according to Professor Fu, plasmalogens could also indirect effects have in the brain

Effects of plasmalogens on microorganisms in the intestine

Some studies have shown that dietary plasmalogens affect microorganisms in the intestine. It has been widely reported that the connection between organisms in our gut and our brain affects neurodegeneration. It may be the effect of plasmalogens on this compound that causes the improvements in learning and memory seen in this study.‘, speculates the expert.

The results of the new study convinced the professor so much that he said he started it a plasmalogen preparation every day take

We show for the first time that plasmalogen supplementation could be a potential intervention strategy to arrest neurodegeneration and promote neuroregeneration. Oral ingestion of plasmalogens could be a viable therapeutic strategy to improve cognitive function in the elderly‘ adds the doctor. (What)

Author and source of information

This text complies with the requirements of the specialized medical literature, medical guidelines and current studies and has been reviewed by medical professionals.


  • Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University: Eating sea squirts can reverse signs of aging, study shows (published 05.09.2022), Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
  • Jinxin Gu, Lixue Chen, Ran Sun, Jie-Li Wang, Juntao Wang, et al.: Plasmalogens eliminate aging-associated synaptic defects and microglia-mediated neuroinflammation in mice; In: Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences (published 02/23/2022), Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences

Important note:
This article contains general advice only and should not be used for self-diagnosis or treatment. It cannot replace a visit to the doctor.


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