Strengthening the immune system naturally

What does “strengthen the immune system” mean?

We hear these words a lot, but many of us are not aware of what can be achieved by strengthening the immune system. Questions that arise in this context include: “What do immune enhancement measures do?” and “What happens in our body?”. We can find the answers by considering the means and measures to improve the body’s defenses and their properties. They appear as follows:

  • anti-inflammatory and antioxidant
  • antibacterial, antiviral and antiparasitic and/or antifungal
  • Stimulate the formation of immune cells or strengthen their functions
  • useful for regulating the immune system, i.e. they inhibit excessive immune reactions and at the same time support the weaker side

Immune system support is also helpful in autoimmune diseases

The personal support of the immune system not only plays a role in short-term health problems, such as colds or the flu, but also in autoimmune diseases.

These include rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, and Crohn’s disease. Contrary to the general opinion that in these cases the immune system is already too strong to strengthen it even more, which is why it attacks us after all, you should know the following:

The term “strong defenses” simply means a healthy and efficient immune system. In the case of autoimmune diseases, however, it is misdirected and hyperactive. This means that it is no longer in a healthy balance. To get back there, urgent regulatory action is needed.

Most important factors for our immune system

A strong immune system requires careful management of the body itself. There are no magic drops, powders and capsules that you can take in seconds. If you want to stay healthy, a little more effort is required in any case. Mindfulness of health is a kind of philosophy of life, not a short-term measure. Without a doubt, there are some dietary supplements and home remedies that help strengthen the immune system. However, as a rule, they are not enough, especially if you do not place additional bets. Three factors are of particular importance to your immune system:

  1. must not be intentionally weakened
  2. its relief is important, especially when an epidemic of flu or other infection is circulating
  3. independent strengthening through proper diet plus the use of selected folk remedies, vital substances and dietary supplements

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