Studentenwerk Leipzig participates in Earthday 2022

To symbolically point out the effects of nutrition on the climate, on this day all canteens at Studentenwerk Leipzig offer dishes that generate at least 50% less carbon dioxide than a standard meal. With this campaign, Studentenwerk Leipzig is participating in the Earthday initiative, which will be celebrated worldwide on April 22, 2022.

From the cultivation and production of the ingredients to the preparation, the diet generates carbon dioxide, as Anja Troch reports. She is one of the ecotrophologists at Studentenwerk Leipzig: “For Earthday, we select recipes from our database that do not contain ingredients that are particularly harmful to the climate, such as beef, rice or highly processed ingredients. These dishes generate less than the half of CO2 in comparison with the conventional plates”.

For example, there will be Gönnatal turkey fillet in a herb marinade with glazed root vegetables and baked potatoes in the park canteen. The medical campus canteen offers pumpkin wedges with spinach, carrots and shepherd’s cheese, as well as triplets. A colorful vegetable pan with couscous and spicy carrot sauce is on the menu at the botanical garden canteen. All dishes can be found on the Studentenwerk menu at

“It is clear to us that we can only send a symbolic signal with this day of action,” adds Uwe Kubaile, Head of the Canteen and Cafeteria Department / Central Purchasing at Studentenwerk Leipzig. “The issue of sustainability is very important to us at Studentenwerk. We have already made some improvements in the last few years. But we always have to keep an eye on profitability, and not only from Corona. Right now we are looking at how we can make our menus even more climate friendly in general. There may be a separate menu line with climate-friendly dishes in the future,” Kubaile continues.

As early as 1970, Earth Day was celebrated as a day of action for the earth at universities and schools across the United States. Earthday 2022 is all about sustainable nutrition under the motto “Every bite counts. Protect what you eat, protect our earth.” Reason enough for Studentenwerk Leipzig to get involved in canteens and cafeterias.

Special dishes will be offered on the day under the name KlimaTeller. A plate can only be called a climatic plate if it generates at least 50% less CO₂ than the average conventional plate. This average is based on 76,000 dishes analyzed by Eternity (EDB Eternity Database). With the KlimaTeller, you save around one kilo of carbon dioxide per meal, which corresponds to an eight kilometer car journey.

At the Studentenwerk in Leipzig, a CO₂ saving of at least 50% will be achieved compared to an average dish on Earthday. At least 790 g of CO₂ are saved per plate. Serving 6,000 meals per day across all canteens, a calculated CO₂ savings of 4,749 kg is achieved. This roughly corresponds to the CO₂ emissions of a long-haul flight of around 12,500 km, for example from Berlin to Tokyo.


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