The best Wagyu beef in Germany comes from Arnsberg

Katrin Schütz and Christoph Willeke from Wennigloh in Hamm received the gold medal in the meat competition.

On the pastures around Wennigloh, they have long been a part of everyday life: the Wagyus of Katrin Schütz and Christoph Willeke. The fact that their meat is the best in all of Germany shouldn’t really “sting” the noble cattle; their owners, on the other hand, even more so: At the “Wagyu Beef Contest 2021” successful young entrepreneurs came first ( we report) – and now finally allowed to accept the “tangible” prize: Steffen Schäfer and Uwe Jerathe from the German Wagyu Association awarded the gold medal in the central halls of Hamm/Westphalia.

Returning to the mentioned pastures around the mountain village, these are something like the key to success: On more than 300,000 square meters of grassland, the Wagyu cattle find the best herbs and grasses of the Sauerland there. This diet, which is holistically based on what the surrounding nature has to offer, results in excellent quality meat. Katrin Schütz comments: “We have the best feed and a great appreciation and love for the animal. Added to this is our many years of experience in farming.” The responsible marketing “specialist” is sure that this is the only way to produce the best Wagyu beef in Germany.

Customers obviously see it the same way, now they come from all over Germany. who not personally

If you want to go to the farm in Wennigloh, you don’t have to give up the pleasure: in addition to selling directly from the farm, the enterprising couple now also offer express shipping throughout Europe. Why the “hype” about steak (and more)? Well, Wagyu beef is extremely tender, juicy, and flavorful, due to a thin layer of fat and a fine, even grain of fat. And the quality is evaluated periodically:

The “Best Piece” is presented

Every year the German Wagyu Association (almost 200 breeders are organized there) convenes a nationwide meat inspection. Anyone up to the challenge must submit a “best piece”: “Ribeye Bone in”, quartered between the sixth and seventh or the seventh and eighth rib, weighing 2.5 to 3.5 kilos.

Next, a jury made up of renowned personalities from the meat scene chooses the tastiest of all the samples in a blind tasting. The presentation and preparation are carried out under standardized conditions, in addition to the taste, the “optics” -including the marbling- of the meat is evaluated, and that Wennigloh “is worth its weight in gold”. “We have everything in our own hands, from breeding to marketing, so we can guarantee the highest quality”, Katrin and Christoph reveal another secret of their success. try? To make the choice a little easier for meat enthusiasts, the enterprising couple now have a wide range of Wagyu packages to choose from, all produced fairly, sustainably and transparently. More online:

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