The Jakic twins Ilona and Suzana: names, Instagram, Facebook

the The Jakic twins Ilona and Suzana There is only a double pack in professional life and in everyday life. The super twins became known through their Instagram-count where they like Fitness and fashion influencers they are active. Now the twins are celebrating in the third season of the RTL2 show “Battle of the Reality Stars” made her reality television debut competing for the title of Realitystar 2022.

  • How old are the twins?
  • Do you have buddy Y kids?
  • What is your name Instagrambill?

We take a closer look at Jakic twins Ilona and Suzana. all the info about her age up to hers nutrition you can find here.

Jakic Twins Ilona and Suzana Profile: Age, Height, Instagram, Facebook

All facts about influencers at a glance:

  • Common names: Ilona and Suzana Jakic
  • Artist name: Jakic cufflinks
  • Profession: influential people
  • Birthday date: 12/20/1996
  • Age: 25 years
  • star sign: Protect
  • Size: 1.60m
  • Place of birth: bruhl
  • Home: Cologne
  • Civil status: single
  • Kids: none
  • Instagram: jakicttwins
  • Facebook: Jack Cufflinks

Ilona and Suzana Jakic participate in the “Battle of Reality Stars” 2022

In it third season the RTL2 show “Battle of the Reality Stars” With super twins Ilona and Suzana Jakic, bring double girl power to the sandy beach of Thailand. What at first glance looks like a vacation turns into a competition for cash prizes €50,000 and the title “Reality Star 2022”. Contestants have to prove themselves in numerous action and skill challenges, because only then are they safe from expulsion. In addition, new stars are constantly being added, which in the weekly elimination, the “Moment of Truth”decide who has to leave the room.

Without pulling each other into the room, Jakic twins Ilona and Suzana wouldn’t have been an option: “When we’re alone or not together, we just don’t feel whole.” Putting them in the show could tear them apart.

When will season 3 be on TV and streaming?

Do Ilona and Suzana Jakic have a partner and children?

About private life Little is known about the Jakic twins Ilona and Suzana as they like to keep it separate from their work. What is known, however, is that neither Ilona nor Suzana have been in a company relationship They were and are therefore single. Also, the twins have childless.

The Jakic twins Ilona and Suzana on Instagram

Jakic twins Ilona and Suzana have a public and verified Instagram-Bill. Influencers are currently following on the platform. 207,000 fans (Status: 04/28/2022). They mostly share with their followers there. Fashion and fitness photography, but they also occasionally show snapshots of their private lives, such as vacations. In addition, the Jakic twins do it on their Instagram account. advertising for one or another sports product.

The Jakic twins Ilona and Suzana: nutrition

On their Instagram account, the Jakic twins Ilona and Suzana not only talk about fitness and fashion, but also about healthy nutrition. The twins even have one. own nutrition guide, which is supposed to help its followers achieve their desired figure. On their own website, they explain that at first they didn’t feel comfortable with their bodies, so they tried all kinds of diets. Now they want to make this easier for their fans.

The Jakic twins Ilona and Suzana in “The Super Twins”

In 2021, the Jakic twins Ilona and Suzana participated in the voice-Show “The Super Twins” part. Eight sets of identical twins moved into a house together and fought to keep it. Title “The Super Twins” to leave the show. To do this, they had to prove themselves in sports challenges and knowledge games. However, after four episodes, the station pulled the show from the schedule.

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