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What does what you eat depend on?

In a new study led by experts from the University of Bristol It has been found that people also unconsciously choose their food based on certain micronutrients. The results of the study can be read in the English magazine “Appetite”.

The results of our studies are of enormous importance and quite surprising. For the first time in nearly a century, we’ve shown that people are more discerning in their food choices, seemingly making decisions based on specific micronutrients, rather than just eating everything and automatically getting what they need.‘ reports the author of the study. Professor Jeff Brunstrom in a press release.

First study in almost 100 years

A study was carried out on 15 babies as early as the 1930s. The children were able to choose 33 different foods to eat themselves. Although the children never ate the same combination of foods, they all achieved good health. This was considered at the time as evidence of an innate nature. nutritional wisdom seen, reports the team.

However, these results were examined and criticized in later years. A repetition of the research work was also not possible because today a study on babies like considered unethical the researchers explain. For a long time, no new knowledge was acquired in this area.

With the help of a newly developed technology In the current study, food preferences were measured by showing subjects pictures of different combinations of fruits and vegetables. This allowed an analysis without sacrificing the health or wellness endanger.

Two experiments were carried out with 128 adult participants. So it turned out that the people prefer certain combinations of foods. For example, participants chose apples and bananas more often than the combination of apples and blackberries.

Micronutrients determine food preferences

According to the researchers, the use of amounts of micronutrients and if the food combination one Balance of various micronutrients food preferences are predicted.

To verify the results were in the second experiment real food combinations examined. Once again, these data showed that people combine meals in ways that Increase micronutrients in the diet..

For example, components of popular British meals (such as fish and chips or curry and rice) appear to offer a wider range of micronutrients than random combinations (eg, chips and curry), the researchers report.

The results suggest that humans have sophisticated intelligence when it comes to Selection of nutritious foods. It’s about nutrition. This contradicts the widely held view in nutrition science that people come first. calories look at the food.

Subconscious decisions about nutrient intake

New study shows that people have some kind of subconscious mind nutritional wisdom available, explains the research team. This allows for at least some of the food options that meet daily needs. vitamins and minerals covered or in avoid nutrient deficiencies can be. (What)

Author and source of information

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  • University of Bristol: New Research Shows Humans Possess Surprising Nutritional Intelligence (Published 25-04-2022), University of Bristol
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