These 5 tips will make your diet more sustainable right away

These 5 things will immediately make your diet more sustainable

1. Less food waste

Around twelve million tons of food are thrown away every year in Germany. If you want to live sustainably, you also need to make sure you don’t waste food and use it as best you can. For example, leftovers can be frozen or reused instead of ending up in the bin. If you don’t know how, for example, you can fully use a type of vegetable, get more information online and find a suitable recipe. You will see: You can get much more out of your food than you think! Advice: Influencers like @zerowastechef or @zerowasteyourlife are also committed to more sustainable consumption on Instagram and offer useful tips and tricks on their channels.

2. Shop seasonally and regionally

Some of the fresh fruit and vegetables that are not naturally available in Germany in winter come from very heated greenhouses and have to travel long distances to be transported. But when is what food in season? A seasonal calendar can be helpful here – it gives you a good overview of what produce is harvested when you are in Germany. Regional and organic products are also worth taking a look at. Local vendors bake fresh treats daily.

3. Consciously consume and enjoy

A big step towards greater sustainability is buying only what you really need. If we buy more than we need, this leads above all to high prices and food overload. So that at the end of the month all the groceries are really sold out and there are no spoiled products to be thrown away, you need to make sure that you buy less when you go shopping. Well-structured, sticky shopping lists and a fixed price limit help here.

4. Shop for groceries digitally

If you don’t have time to go to more than one supermarket or don’t know of any local stores, don’t panic. There are some digital providers that support you and make your path to sustainability easier. The Gorillas delivery app is known for delivering purchases to your customers doorstep in just minutes. With its “Local Buddies” selection, Gorillas is committed to the visibility of regional producers. Too Good To Go also ensures less food waste: here you can dust off leftover food or dishes at restaurants in your area at the end of each business day.

5. Try plant-based alternatives

Reducing meat consumption can be quite a challenge. However, there are now many really tasty alternatives that make it easier to give up meat. In addition to tofu, you can also try plant-based vegan sausages or chicken nuggets. Also, not all meats are created equal. Therefore, when shopping, pay attention to regional products and find out which brands produce organically. Advice: Work a meatless Monday into your routine. According to a WWF study, around 100 kilograms of CO2 per year could be avoided if meat was not eaten just one day a week

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