These alternatives are particularly healthy

If you want to reduce your own meat consumption and at the same time do something for your own health, you can use healthy alternatives that can even help you lose weight. Here are our favorites.

These 3 plant-based alternatives are especially healthy

1. Tofu

Tofu is a classic of vegetarian and vegan cuisine and one of the most popular alternatives to meat. Countless substitute products are made from tofu, such as sausages, spreads or schnitzels, which can satisfy the appetite for meat. The alternative is made from soy. Therefore, allergy sufferers with intolerance should not resort to this meat substitute. On the other hand, tofu is free of lactose, gluten and cholesterol.

Tofu has a fairly high proportion of vegetable protein. With only 100 grams of the alternative to meat, you can one-third of the daily protein requirement cover. Tofu also supplies the body with important minerals such as iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and vitamin E. With around 140 kilocalories per 100g and 9g of fat, tofu is also a light alternative to meat.

2. tempeh

Tempeh is basically fermented soybeans. Fermentation allows the body to absorb the protein it contains particularly well. Tempeh insists 18 percent plant-based protein and even covers the tofu with this number. It has an equally neutral flavor and can be fried like a schnitzel or steak. In smoked form, tempeh is particularly suitable as an ingredient for stews or for a vegetarian goulash.

Another advantage? Tempeh is a fantastic source of iron, providing you with as much iron as many meats. People with sensitive stomachs can also use tempeh because the meat substitute is easy to digest.

3. Green spelled

Green spelled is spelled that is harvested half-ripe and then roasted. Have you ever had a green spelled burger? The grain is often used as a kind of substitute for minced meat. Green spelled is also characterized by its high protein and iron content outside. Also, potassium, calcium and magnesium and vitamin B are in the alternative.

Since unripe spelled is considered particularly satiating, calories can definitely be saved in the diet. Unlike soy products, green spelled is usually sourced locally and is therefore even better for the conscience.


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