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Foods for a healthy immune system

A healthy immune system is important for fighting infections. Kristin Kirkpatrick from the Cleveland Clinic in the US explains how a proper diet can strengthen the immune system.

Fruits and vegetables for a healthy immune system

In a press release from the Cleveland Clinic, the expert recommends eating colorful fruits and vegetables regularly to maintain a healthy immune system. Because making sure you’re getting enough antioxidants and phytonutrients is key to a healthy diet, and these are abundant in plant-based foods.

Intake of antioxidants and phytonutrients

Antioxidants and phytonutrients can be obtained through the consumption of whole plant foods and products. “Colorful foods are a sign that they are high in vitamins and minerals,” says Kirkpatrick.

Vitamin C for a healthy immune system

The Cleveland Clinic expert also advises paying special attention to getting enough vitamin C. Vitamin C can help prevent infections and, if they already exist, shorten them.

Do not neglect the intake of vitamin D

In addition, vitamin D intake should not be neglected. Vitamin D supports a healthy immune system, but the human body does not absorb the vitamin as well from food. Therefore, a supplemental form such as vitamin D3 can be considered.

Probiotics, Prebiotics and Fiber for Gut Health

Kirkpatrick further adds that gut health also plays an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system. Therefore, care must be taken to ensure adequate intake of probiotics, prebiotics, and dietary fibers.

Avoid processed foods and fast food

However, there are also some foods that are not very beneficial for the immune system. For example, highly processed foods, fast foods, and foods with added sugar reduce the effectiveness of the human immune system. Such foods have a negative effect on intestinal health and the immune system, reports the expert.

Whole foods, exercise and healthy sleep

Basically, Kirkpatrick advises switching to a whole food diet, which consists mostly of plants. Such a diet helps strengthen the immune system. However, regular exercise and good sleep habits are also particularly important as other important factors for immune system health and protection against infection. (What)

Author and source of information

This text corresponds to the requirements of the specialized medical literature, medical guidelines and current studies and has been reviewed by medical professionals.


  • Cleveland Clinic: A Healthy Diet Helps Keep Your Immune System Strong (Posted 1/21/2022), Cleveland Clinic

Important note:
This article contains general advice only and should not be used for self-diagnosis or treatment. It cannot replace a visit to the doctor.


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