These fruits and vegetables will lengthen your life

  • The current study shows how Eating fruits and vegetables with risk of death it affects
  • risk of death can up to 42 percent be reduced
  • especially vegetables contributes to it
  • which fruits and vegetables had a positive impact?

Whether through our The diet really lengthens our lives can, no one knows 100 percent. However, science is getting a little closer to this question. According to the current state of research, many factors are already known that have been shown to lead to shorter life or increased risk of death and health, such as smoking. A study currently being evaluated now also provides information on which foods you should integrate into your diet to be to reduce the risk of death.

British researcher finds link between risk of death and fruits and vegetables

It has long been known that a balanced diet can have a positive effect on physical health. especially that consumption of fruits and vegetables is praised to the heavens. Mainly because it reduces the risk chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease or cancer Get. But does the consumption of these foods really have a direct impact on the length of life?

the British researcher Oyinlola Oyebode and his team of University College of London conducted a study involving almost two million people. The study was based on the National Health Survey for England. Here, between 2001 and 2013, the eating habits and other health parameters of more than 65,000 Britons were recorded and documented. This informs the health news.

The participants corresponded to the average of the population of Great Britain. Nearly 4,400 participants died during the study period. With these data, scientists have now found a Relationship between mortality rate and eating habits out of the people

Five servings of fruits and vegetables a day achieve better results

The Oyebode study then examined the connection between overall risk of death and daily consumption of fruits and vegetables. It was discovered that five servings of fruits and vegetables, integrated into the daily diet, are associated with a longer life. Researchers recommend dividing two servings of fruit and three servings of vegetables. But what does he mean by five servings a day? Ideally, the consumption of 150 grams of fruit Y 75 grams of vegetables. Sugary fruit is not included here as it can have negative health effects.

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What was the study really about? The participants were divided into two groups. One group ate just two servings of fruits and vegetables a day, while the second group ate the recommended five servings. Participants who ate all five servings had a 13 percent lower risk of premature death. They were 12 percent less likely to die from cardiovascular disease and 35 percent less likely to die from respiratory disease.

The study concluded that the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables reduces the overall risk of death for people of all ages. up to 42 percent may. Vegetables in particular can have a life-prolonging effect. Fruit performs less well in a direct comparison of the two food groups. If a quantity of fruit greater than that indicated is consumed, it does not have any added value for health. bring the body no additional benefit.

The Greener the Better: Spinach, Lettuce, and Kale Extend Life

Not all kinds of fruits and vegetables it is also equally helpful in reducing the risk of death. It basically makes a difference how starchy it is a vegetable: potatoes, peas and corn show no positive effects due to their high starch content. The same applies to fruit juices, as they no longer contain enough nutrients.

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It is generally said that vegetables, which actually produce life-prolonging effects, green. green leafy vegetables like Spinach, lettuce and kale falls below. but also carrots reduce the risk of some diseases. Fresh vegetables in particular reduce the risk of death by 16 percent on average. Salad carries a 13 percent reduced risk, while fruit only carries a 4 percent lower risk per serving.

Fruit is included for the two daily fruit servings. High amount of beta-carotene and vitamin C. beneficial, as citrus fruits and berries. “The clear message from our study is that the more fruits and vegetables you eat, the lower your risk of death at any age. Those who like to nibble on carrots and other vegetables gain the most, but a banana or other fruit it’s also good,” Oyebode finally explains.

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