They eat turtles? This is your menu

They live in the water, on land or in our houses. But what do turtles actually eat and how do you feed them properly? You will find out in this article.

Easy to explain: what do turtles eat?

Depending on the type of tortoise, be it a tortoise or a tortoise, the animals live in different parts of the world and therefore there is no uniform diet. In contrast, tortoises have a particularly varied diet. turtles they often live in very hot regions, where they eat mainly vegetarian food. They eat all the plants, flowers and herbs they find. Also, there is often a lot of limestone in these areas for them to gnaw and lick. Lime is important for your bones and armor.

sea ​​turtles They live, as their name suggests, in and on the water. They also eat a lot of plants there. But unlike the turtle, aquatic species also eat meat. Especially young animals feed on small fish and crabs or even a flying insect. So if you have a tortoise at home, you should pay close attention to where this species of tortoise usually lives and what it finds there to eat.

Turtle at home: what is the best way to feed it?

The Greek tortoise is a popular pet. In addition to a large enclosure and a suitable place for hibernation, the right attitude also includes proper nutrition. A varied and species-appropriate diet is important for the health of the animals. Most of the turtles are vegetarian, so you can collect all kinds of plants and herbs in a meadow and then feed them. Very suitable for this are, for example dandelion, clover or nettles Fruits and vegetables that are not found in the natural habitat of the tortoise are not suitable and can make the animals sick. If you can’t find fresh plants and herbs, you can also buy a ready-made tortoise food mix at a pet store. Here you can also get a cuttlefish bone, which gives your turtle lime for its bones and shell.


Both tortoises and tortoises like vegetarian food, although tortoises do occasionally eat meat in the form of small fish and crabs. Otherwise, plants and herbs are on their menu. The main thing is variety! If you have a turtle at home, you should also make sure to feed it properly. So only give him what he would find in his real habitat. Have you ever wondered what dolphins eat? You will find the answer with us.

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Image Source: Pixabay/congerdesign

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