Thin hair: Why do you have thin hair?

  • From then on, the hair is considered fine.
  • Possible Causes
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fine hair is no rarity: Many suffer from thinning hair without knowing exactly what is causing it. But you must know this to get your hair back. actively strengthen.

Possible causes of fine hair

Thick, thick hair is considered by many to be ideal. Fine hair is defined as hair that has an average thickness of approximately 0.06 to 0.08 millimeters falls below. It has less substance and therefore appears thin to us. Coarse hair, on the other hand, exceeds this value and is up to 0.1 millimeter thick.

Many suffer from thinning hair without knowing the cause. For one thing, fine hair can have a consequence of hair loss be. According to studies, hair thinning and hair loss are not uncommon: 70% of men and 40% of women in Europe suffer from it at some point in their life. This is caused, for example, by a Nutrient deficiencies, an unhealthy lifestyle, or hormonal changes. It is important that you consult a doctor in case of hair loss to be informed of a possible physical cause. After diagnosis, your doctor can also advise you on the appropriate treatment. If this is due to a nutrient deficiency, a change in diet to hair-strengthening foods is enough to strengthen hair. If you suspect the reason for your lifestyle, you should try stress avoid, take time to relax and exercise regularly. Even these simple changes in everyday life help counteract hair loss.

If there is no hair loss behind your fine hair, you could chemical or mechanical factors be the cause. For example, using the wrong comb, frequent use of styling equipment such as flat irons, or frequent dyeing will affect the thickness of your hair. On the other hand, you can also naturally have fine hair Many are born with very fine hair; this is genetic in this case. A study shows that about 79% of hair loss in men is due to inherited genes. Possible causes apply equally to men and women.

Tips for your fine hair

If you want to actively strengthen your hair, you can do this through nutrition, for example. You should make sure your diet contains foods that Vitamin A, vitamin B2, silicon, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, selenium, biotin, and zinc included to install. Products such as milk, eggs, nuts, oatmeal, meat, cabbage or fish are suitable. also can in terms of lifestyle Even small changes improve the general health and therefore also that of your hair. Try to get enough sleep and take breaks to relax despite a stressful everyday life. Yoga, meditation or walks in nature can help you enjoy your relaxation.

This is recommended when caring for hair. Motto: “Less is more”. Fine hair only needs light, natural care; the nutrients that strengthen the hair cannot be added externally by care products. To make your hair more manageable, you can use a natural hair powder.

Fine hair can be done with the right haircut appear thicker. For example, if you style a bob with a round brush, your hair will look more voluminous. If you have fine hair, you should avoid stepped cuts as they make your hair look thinner.


In short, it is important that you find out why your hair is fine. If there is no genetic cause, you can actively strengthen your hair through a healthy and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. If you suspect that there is a disease behind your hair loss and thinning hair, you should not hesitate to see a doctor or nurse.

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