This food trend is more popular than ever, according to wellness chef

How did your career as a wellness chef develop?

I didn’t start out in the wellness field. My culinary career began in the kitchen of a star restaurant here in Marbella. Then I was offered a job in another 5 star hotel – there was a large area with a particular focus on holistic wellness. However, he did not know very well how to make this type of cuisine, at that time in Spain healthy eating was far from being a trend. So creativity was very important!

How would you describe your cooking style?

My cooking style is inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. Everything should be very simple, with common ingredients that, when combined, create a nutritional bomb.

I don’t follow trends because they are a trend. Example: when superfoods became a trend, I had already started to include them in my dishes, but only if they added flavor or had a particular nutritional value. Everything must have a reason!

When I prepare the menu for the next few weeks or the next season, I keep a very close eye on current trends. That’s not to say that I include them all, but I like to stay informed about the big trends in food. Sometimes I incorporate these trends or trendy foods that are not from Spain because they have extra nutritional value.

What gastronomic trend is coming?

I think diets will go away as more people learn about nutrigenetics. It is the human gene. Genetic testing can help you see which ingredients and foods work best for you. At its core, it’s all about the personal: an extreme approach to personalizing a diet. Here at Marbella Club we already offer personalized menus. It will be more difficult to capture this trend in a normal restaurant.

Tell us your last tip for healthy cooking at home?

Organic and seasonal foods are now much more accessible. In the supermarket you can easily check the origin labeling of food. If it’s from a local region, then that’s a clear sign that it’s in season. Alternatively, there are plenty of producers out of town that offer a subscription and you get a box shipped straight to your door every month. While it’s not guaranteed what you get, you always get fresh, local produce.


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