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From: Stephanie Ebner

Pull apart

Former star chef Holger Stromberg (center) searches for the best food. Former national player Mario Gómez (left) invests in his company “Huerta Orgánica”, which was co-founded by Martín Seitle. © Mike Mayer

Inspiring people for a diet that tastes fantastic and is healthy for people and nature at the same time, that is the stated goal of “Organic Garden”. Germany’s youngest star chef co-founded the company in 2019. Former national soccer player Mario Gómez has now joined as an investor.

Hergolding – The coincidence brought together the former national player and the former star chef: Mario Gómez came across a photo of Holger Stromberg -not only did he look tens of kilograms lighter than when he was the national team’s chef, but also “much healthier” as Gomez says. The 36-year-old called Stromberg without further ado and said, “Wow, you look healthy and well. How did you do that?” Holger Stromberg’s response: “I completely changed my diet.” Plant-based nutrition has been Stromberg’s recipe for success for years.

Gomez, who has long been involved with healthy eating for professional reasons, was enthusiastic about Stromberg’s idea of ​​the “organic garden.” “Because I just like what Holger does.” His favorite at the Organic Garden Eatery, which already exists in Hergolding and Munich: the so-called Farmers Toast.

Children of Gómez: one daughter likes yellow sausage, the other avocado

However, the former national player does not switch to a completely vegan diet: “I enjoy a good piece of meat from time to time.” Gómez and his wife Carina also feed their children in a fairly conventional way. “They can eat whatever they want.” The father of three says: “One daughter prefers the yellow sausage, the other an avocado.” It is important for the footballer that the food is produced in harmony with nature, regionally and seasonally.

This approach convinced him so much at Holger Stromberg that he became an investor in Holger Stromberg’s high-tech farm “Organic Garden”. The two have agreed not to disclose the amount. Just this: Gómez is a “serious commitment”, as the gentlemen call it. Gomez is one of the biggest investors in “Organic Garden,” says co-founder Martin Seitle.

Organic Garden: A pilot farm will be built before the end of the year

Meanwhile, one million euros has been raised, also through the crowdfunding campaign, which is still running. Currently, anyone can join the company for 250 euros. A pilot “Organic Garden” farm will be established in the Munich area before the end of this year. Another is planned in Austria. Stated goal for 2030: around 1,500 employees should work in ten locations and take care of the nutrition of the future.

Holger Stromberg explains what it looks like. For the former star chef, it is not only important that the food is healthy and without additives, but also that it tastes good: “Our culinary team works on it every day.”

Stromberg sees himself as a trendsetter. “We develop new tastes that shouldn’t be so far removed from familiar ones. The base is the conventional kitchen”. The “Organic Garden” range already includes a hearty sauce made from regional organic tubers and spicy rice and miso paste, which is perfect for plant-based pot roasts and dumplings.

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The company has yet to buy the groceries for the existing restaurants. But that should change soon. “Organic Garden” plans to use sustainable agriculture to produce fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and algae in a CO2-neutral way. Stromberg emphasizes: “The circulatory system of farms consists of different modules that are operated with a green power plant.”

The waste material from one module in turn serves as the energy provider for the next, resulting in highly efficient operation. Holger Stromberg’s vision: “This is how we set the standards for the agriculture of the future, strengthen the regional value chain and protect ecosystems at the same time.”

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