This is how you spend the summer with almonds

California Almond Board

This is how you spend the summer with almonds

Modesto, Calif. (ots)

In summer we want to feel good, with radiant skin, great hair and a healthy body. Did you know that foods like almonds, full of natural nutrients, can also help with this?

Protection against premature aging caused by ultraviolet light

UV rays can accelerate the aging process of the skin. Not only can we protect ourselves on the outside with sunscreen, we can also protect ourselves on the inside with a healthy diet. “When it comes to protecting ourselves from the sun and UV rays, we usually only think about clothing and sunscreen. All means to protect our skin from the outside. But what many probably don’t know is that with the help of a healthy diet you can also prevent light damage from within,” says dermatologist and health promotion professor Dr. Michaela Axt-Gadermann. A recent study[1] shows that the daily consumption of almonds can help protect the skin itself against UVB light, the main cause of damage caused by the sun, and therefore ideally complement sun protection from the outside with sunscreen

Edible Beauty Enhancers

A serving of almonds (30g) contains 60% of the recommended daily antioxidant vitamin E, which helps protect against oxidative stress. They also contain zinc, niacin and riboflavin which help the skin. The copper it contains favors the development of collagen, which provides firmness to the skin, and elastin, which allows the skin to be flexible. “Most of us think that the bathroom is the place where we take care of our skin, body and beauty. But in my opinion we should start with the kitchen. Because by including natural foods full of nutrients, healthy unsaturated fats and valuable vegetable proteins, we can significantly influence our appearance and well-being. If you are healthy on the inside, this is also reflected on the outside,” explains Dr. Hacha Gadermann. As a natural food and source of plant-based protein, almonds are the perfect snack choice. They are tasty and filling without weighing you down. In addition, with their natural vegetable protein and healthy fats, they provide a lot of energy for all summer activities.

Snacks for a healthy body

In order for us to feel comfortable in our body from the outside, we also have to nurture and care for it from the inside. When we plan to get fit, we tend to focus primarily on exercise. “But that’s only part of our journey to a healthy body. A balanced, healthy diet also plays an important role. You should pay special attention to foods that fill in the nutrient gaps in the diet and a combination of fiber, protein, and good fats they contain work together to nourish the body,” says Dr. Hacha Gadermann. “Smart snacks can satisfy hunger and the body’s needs, and even help maintain a healthy weight.” The perfect snack to lose weight successfully: almonds that you can take anywhere. Because they have also been shown to help reduce abdominal fat. A study[2] has shown that eating 42 g of almonds daily instead of a carbohydrate snack with the same number of calories as part of a cholesterol-lowering diet can help reduce partial body fat, particularly around the abdomen and legs. The cholesterol level also improves significantly.

[1] LiJN et al. Almond consumption increased UVB resistance in healthy Asian women. Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. 2021;00:1-6.

[2] Berryman CE, Kris-Etherton PM, et al. Effects of daily almond consumption on cardiometabolic risk and abdominal adiposity in healthy adults with elevated LDL cholesterol: a randomized controlled trial. Journal of the American Heart Association. 2015;4:e000993.

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