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Longer days, more hours of sunshine, awakening nature: it’s finally time to go out again. Relaxing walks, a brisk round of Nordic walking, gardening or a walk around town are popular activities in spring. Many people feel motivated and full of energy when they are outdoors. But often the legs don’t play along. They feel tired and heavy, are swollen, or have varicose veins. Then medical compression stockings can help.

Medical compression stockings (eg mediven from medi) help with vein problems, support the activity of the veins and can prevent thrombosis. They cause blood to flow back from the legs to the heart. Feelings of tension and pain diminish, legs feel more vital and light. In this way, the energy returns for many more carefree and really fun activities.

Effective vein therapy with compression stockings.

Compression stockings are the basic therapy and a reliable and comfortable solution for vein problems. There are versions in thin or opaque optical stockings for users with tense or soft connective tissue and with slight and pronounced swelling of the legs (eg mediven elegance, mediven plus, mediven comfort by medi). Special details ensure individual therapy. These include closed or open toes, as well as sensitive or patterned top bands for thigh-high stockings. In addition, the manufacturer medi also offers elegant and sporty knee-high stocking options for men, such as mediven for men or mediven active. Special technologies have an antibacterial and breathable effect and offer high wearing comfort at any time of the year (such as Clima Fresh and Clima Comfort with mediven compression stockings).

Promote Vein Health: Simple Tips and Tricks for Fit Legs and Stimulating Circulation

– Hot-cold contrast showers stimulate circulation and ensure a wide-awake start to the day. Treading water according to Kneipp also promotes blood circulation and thus the activity of the veins.
– A plus in exercise is easy to incorporate into the day: take the stairs instead of the elevator is the motto.
– Whether in the office or at home: the sitting position has to be changed again and again. Sitting dynamically and, if possible, putting your feet up gives you noticeable relief.
– A conscious and balanced diet is important because being overweight puts pressure on the venous system.

– Many drink very little. It is important to drink around two to three liters of liquid throughout the day, be it tea, water or fruit juice, to promote blood circulation.
– With comfortable, loose clothing and flat shoes, nothing oppresses or squeezes – for unhindered blood flow.
– Quickly becomes a habit: Short venous gymnastics units can be planned into everyday life: Whether marching in place, foot swinging, foot rolling or standing on your toes, each exercise activates the muscle pumps and supports venous function.

The doctor may prescribe medical compression stockings for venous indications and diseases. They are tailored in specialized medical stores. Donning and doffing aids for compression stockings and skin care products (eg from the manufacturer medi) comfortably round off the venous therapy.

The information material is available from the medi consumer service, phone 0921 912-750, email [email protected] and can be downloaded from

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Intended purpose: mediven elegance®, mediven comfort®, mediven plus®, mediven active®, mediven for men®: Circular knit compression medical stockings for compression of the lower extremities, mainly in the treatment of diseases of the venous system.

medicine I feel better For the company medi, around 3,000 employees worldwide make a significant contribution to making people feel better. The goal is to allow users and patients to achieve maximum therapeutic success in the medical field (medi Medical) and also to have a unique body image in the sports and fashion segment (CEP and ITEM m6). medi Medical’s range of services includes medical compression stockings, adaptive compression supplies, bandages, orthoses, antithrombosis stockings, compression clothing and orthopedic inserts. In addition, many years of experience in the field of compression technology also flow into the development of sports and fashion products. The cornerstone of the internationally successful company was laid in Bayreuth in 1951. Today, medi is one of the leading manufacturers of medical aids and ships to more than 90 countries worldwide with a network of distributors and wholly owned subsidiaries. .,,

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