Tips to build a strong immune system

Strong immune system – healthy body

They are there at any time of the year: pathogens of all kinds. It is thanks to your well-functioning immune system that you do not feel annoying symptoms such as cough, itchy throat, runny nose or headaches with each contact.

the defenses in the body He usually works unnoticed, quietly and quietly, while being able to go about his normal daily life. On the one hand, a strong immune system recognizes known pathogens for colds, for example, and on the other hand there are other tasks: The immune system is strong

  • harmless bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi,
  • removes pathogens from the body
  • recognizes harmful substances entering the body from the outside and can inhibit their effect

You see, the immune system shuts down. body shield , defends it from the attack of pathogens and keeps it healthy. The strength of the body’s defenses is largely genetically programmed. if you can do some things yourselfto strengthen the immune system.

Building the immune system through nutrition: tips

The headline already gives it away: By supplying different vitamins and minerals They favor your body’s defenses, since they have support functions for the body’s own mechanisms. In order for the immune system to perform all its functions optimally, it needs various substances that free it from some tasks and keep it efficient. However, since the human body is not capable of producing the necessary nutrients on its own, it has to rely on one varied and colorful meals trusted.

vitamin C

The vitamin protects the cells of the body from oxidative stress, infections heal faster and progress more easily. you find vitamin C in fruits and vegetables, with berries, citrus, brassicas, and peppers providing particularly large amounts.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D it is effective at the hormonal level and, provided there is sufficient exposure to the sun, it can be produced by the body itself. It activates immune cells, influences the formation of pro-inflammatory proteins and, under certain circumstances, strengthens the immune system.3

You will find the vitamin mainly in high-fat animal products such as herring, mackerel, tuna, salmon, eggs, and cheese, as well as mushrooms. Regularly check your vitamin D level: Depending on your eating habits and lifestyle, it can happen that the body absorbs too little and a deficiency develops. In such cases, a dietary supplement may make sense, but you should discuss this with your doctor.

Vitamin A and ß-carotene

An important part of the immune system are also the external protective barriers of the body: Skin and mucous membranes. Vitamin A supports this area of ​​the body’s defenses and inhibits the penetration of pathogens. They consume the vitamin through animal products, so the liver should be clearly emphasized here.

However, your body can make vitamin A on its own if you receive the plant precursor, the antioxidant provitamin A, or β-carotene, from food. You can find it in colored fruits and vegetables such as carrots, apricots, tomatoes or spinach.

Minerals for a strong immune system

If you want to help your immune system and strengthen it, not only vitamins play an important role, but also various minerals: zinc, selenium, copper and iron. These are part of the defense and are responsible for different tasks:

  • zinc of whole grain products, legumes, dairy products and meat contributes to the antioxidant functions of the immune system.
  • iron it can be ingested through the consumption of meat, but also through dark foods of vegetable origin and is responsible for the activation of the sweeper cells and the formation of lymphocytes and antibodies.
  • selenium contributes to the antioxidant protection of cells and is found in fish, but also in nuts.
  • copper It is found in legumes, whole grains and nuts. The trace element supports the immune system, prolongs the life of cells and has an antioxidant effect.

More Tips for Building a Strong Immune System

To strengthen your immune system as best as possible, foods varied, colorful and fresh. Also design the active every daygo to the regularly fresh air Y avoid she stress. Your body will thank you and benefit from a strong immune system.


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