Tom Kaulitz has slimmed down, but why is his diet so divisive?

With the help of a fasting cure, Tom Kaulitz lost a few pounds. Regardless, the Hollywood method of weight loss should not be taken as a viable option.

According to his own statements, Tom Kaulitz has lost six kilos. The 32-year-old’s weight plummeted in a matter of days. He explains it on the weekly Kaulitz Hills podcast, which he co-hosts with his brother Bill. The weight loss is attributed to a fasting regimen known as the Master Cleanse Diet.

Tom Kaulitz makes popular fasting cures

Not only Tom’s girlfriend, Heidi Klum, trusts the remedy, but also other celebrities like Beyoncé and Demi Moore. Solid food is strictly prohibited for at least ten days. Instead, the menu includes lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water. Therefore, the “Master Clean Diet” is also known in German as a lemon juice cure.

According to the “Health Center” you should drink six to twelve glasses of the drink a day “whenever you feel hungry.” Vegetable broths and laxative teas are also acceptable. It’s no secret that extreme diets lead to weight loss. However, the goal of treatment should not be weight loss. According to the health portal, the “Master Clean Diet” is “of course not a diet, but a kind of cleansing juice that is only carried out for a short time.”

Detoxification is the goal of fasting.

The health aspect should be in the foreground: the body’s digestive and detoxification system can be fully adjusted to detoxification and purification, metabolism and kidney function should be stimulated, and toxins should be eliminated from the body. Doctors, nutritionists and naturopaths discourage the use of the cure as a method of losing weight.

Experts also point out that lemon juice treatment is one-sided. Proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements are completely absent from the diet. Therefore, treatment should not be carried out for a long period of time and only after consulting a doctor. The yo-yo effect of eating normally after a fast can make the pounds come back.

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