Two educators write a children’s book on healthy eating

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Fallersleben: Educators write a children’s book on healthy eating

Fallersleben.Pizza, Chocolate Bars – Parents like to pack their kids’ fast food in the daycare snack box. When educators Niklas Jentsch (22) and Kevin Steinke (30) saw this they were “appalled”. After all, fruits and vegetables are very important to a healthy diet. So the two Fallerslebers decided to explain it to the children, with a book.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

It’s called “Try it!”, it’s for children from four to six years old and tells the story of Ulli: The boy comes home after a hard day at school and is starving. He is looking forward to lunch. But what did his father prepare for him? A vegetable stir fry with a bowl of fruit for dessert.

Ulli and Bruno Broccoli.

Ulli and Bruno Broccoli.

Ulli is sure: “I will never eat that.” With a growl in his stomach, he runs into his room, lays down on the bed, and falls asleep. Something strange happens: Bruno Broccoli appears to him in a cloud. The male that looks like a broccoli takes him to another world: Fittopia.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

There Ulli meets illustrious figures such as Mayor Falco Peach, lifeguard Torsten Tomate, Niklas Nektarine and Kevin Karotte. He learns how important a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables and exercise is. Ulli finds Fittopia “amazing”. Back in his world, his dad’s vegetable pan tastes great. Except for the mushrooms.

Bruno Broccoli as a character.

Bruno Broccoli as a character.

It’s not just Ulli who likes Bruno broccoli. Since the children’s book was published last November, the authors have been reading it in kindergartens. Successfully. “The children are excited,” say the Fallerslebers. This is also due to the broccoli figure of Bruno that Jentsch and Steinke had crocheted.

In 2018/19, the two had the idea for the children’s book. The story was quickly found. After all, educators, who have meanwhile embarked on new career paths, know what children like.

The road to your own book was not a walk in the park

However, the road to his own book was not a walk in the park: it was difficult to find a good printing company. Since the publisher was a failure, Niklas Jentsch’s mother intervened. Finding an affordable illustrator was another challenge.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

The children’s book “Try it!”

The children’s book “Try it!” is more than a story about healthy eating and exercise. There are also reading tips, a recipe for children to cook at home and a guide for parents on the subject of food. The book is available in the online shop, but also in the organic shop “Mutter Grün” and in the Fallersleber “Spielkiste”. One euro of the sale price goes to children in Ukraine.

They found one on an internet platform: Reza Fachruddin. He works in India. “Communication was online, and it wasn’t easy,” says Kevin Steinke. Example: A radish should be part of the story. Fachruddin did not know radishes, so he drew radishes.

RTL Nord wants to report on young authors

In the end, everything turned out well, the first work of the two educators was published at the end of 2021. Volksbank, Lions Club New Generation and other partners supported the project. The first edition of 500 copies is almost sold out. RTL Nord wants to report on Fallersleber.

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Steinke and Jentsch founded their own publishing house for the book: Buchtopia. More jobs will appear there. One thing is important for young authors in their stories. “We don’t want to cater to stereotypes, we want to show social reality,” says Steinke. That’s why there’s a single dad in “Prove It!” The next book will be about inclusion.

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