Vegan Camembert: How to Make “Cashewbert”

Vegan camembert is still a rarity in supermarkets. However, you can also make vegan Camembert at home with just five ingredients. Is that how it works.

Vegan Camembert allows you to enjoy the popular cream cheese as part of a plant-based diet, and with much less COtwo-Emissions and less animal suffering.

You can eat vegan Camembert as the animal counterpart of vegan snack Eat or enjoy on its own and serve as part of a plant-based cheese plate.

Vegan Camembert: the ingredients

Forms the base of vegan Camembert cashew nuts. These give the cheese its creaminess and its nutty note. When buying, pay attention to organic quality if possible, to chemical-synthetic pesticides to avoid.

To activate lactic acid fermentation, you need probiotics, that is, capsules that contain live microorganisms. You can get them in pharmacies, online or in selected supermarkets. They ensure that the cashew dough fermented. Camembert is also characterized by its white mold. To create this with the vegan alternative, you need Penicillium candidum. This is a starter culture that already contains the noble mold. You may be able to get them at health food or natural food stores, or online. For this recipe you will need Penicillium candidum in powder form. Also recommended for consistency. psyllium husks. They are now available in well-stocked supermarkets, pharmacies, and health food stores.

It also takes a lot of patience to prepare vegan camembert: it takes about three weeks for the cheese to mature properly and be ready to eat. The cheese can then be wrapped in paper and stored in the refrigerator for about eight to ten days.

Vegan Camembert: how it works

Vegan Camembert

  • Preparation: about 60 minutes
  • Break time: about 500 minutes
  • Crew: 2 pieces