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Vegetarian barbecue: varied and aromatic

Just a few years ago, people who vegan or vegetarian feed, he often only smiles slightly when it comes to the topic intense interrogation he went. But times have changed and that’s long gone vegetable barbecue delight Nothing against. There is no need to resort to so-called meat substitutes. Also crickets with vegetables it is varied and aromatic.

More and more people in this country are avoiding all or part of foods of animal origin. According to the BMEL Nutrition Report 2021 (Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, PDF), the proportion of respondents following a vegetarian diet in Germany has doubled from five to ten percent. The proportion of vegans increased from one to two percent. But it’s not just vegetarians and vegans who should get excited about the meatless alternatives that enrich the grilling season.

Do you want a change?

As the Bremen consumer advice center writes in a recent report, more than half of Germans barbecue every two weeks or even weekly.

If you fancy a change, you can try colorful vegetables instead of sausage, steak, and chops. that will grilled food fresh, colorful and aromatic.

Also, meat alternatives like tofu and seitan. Like mushrooms, they are excellent sources of protein.

Mushrooms provide a lot of protein.

Mushrooms from the grill are delicious, aromatic and provide a good portion protein, writes the consumer advice center in Bremen. The preparation is varied: stuffed mushrooms, sliced ​​oyster mushrooms, shiitake in a marinade of herbs and garlic or oyster mushrooms with lemon balm.

Also tofu and seitan are packed with valuable protein. Tofu can, for example, be diced on a skewer and combined with spring onions and physalis, explains the Federal Center for Nutrition (BZfE). For more flavor, it is first marinated in soy sauce with ginger, lemon juice, and a little chili.

seitan It has a consistency similar to that of meat, but it is not made from soy, but from wheat protein. Seitan-based steaks and sausages are a taste experience that is also interesting for people who are not purely vegetarian or vegan.

Grilled food rich in vitamins

asparagustarnished eggplants Y escalope of celery they are easy to prepare and provide a wide variety of vitamins to the grill”explains Annabel Dierks, nutrition expert at the consumer center in Bremen.

A tasty alternative are also the brochettes cauliflower with chimichurri sauce or battered with BBQ sauce. To do this, we cut the cauliflower into small florets and turn them in the dough of flour, water, egg, yeast and oil. Depending on the size, stick them on skewers or place them directly on the grill.

Spicy marinated skewers

Colorful skewers can be made from vegetables such as peppers, fennel, onions, sweet potatoes or courgettes. “This is ideal if there are several leftovers available”Annabel Dierks says.

Simply cut the food into small pieces and alternately pierce with pastor cheese. then in marinade Insert and grill on all sides. The pros: It’s colorful on the plate, leftovers are fresh and don’t end up in the bin.

stainless steel instead of aluminum

A grill basket or grill pan can also be used. stainless steel used to make sure that food cut into small pieces does not fall on the coals. A large kitchen strainer made entirely of stainless steel can also make handling on the grill easier.

foil not a good idea when it comes to salty or marinated foods. Acids and salt can dislodge aluminum particles from the film, which then migrate to the food.”explains Annabel Dierks.

And the intake of this metal should be kept as low as possible for health reasons. “In view of the already existing exposure to aluminum in the population, efforts should be made to minimize any further avoidable input”said the president of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), Professor Dr. dr. Andreas Hensel, according to a statement.

Although a large portion of ingested aluminum is excreted through the kidneys in healthy people, aluminum that is not excreted can accumulate throughout life, especially in the lung and the skeletal system to enrich. (ad)

Author and source of information

This text corresponds to the specifications of the specialized medical literature, medical guidelines and current studies and has been reviewed by medical professionals.


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Important note:
This article contains general advice only and should not be used for self-diagnosis or treatment. It cannot replace a visit to the doctor.


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