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It will be hot in NRW and Germany in the next few days. Not all foods are good for the body during a heat wave. What is important when it comes to nutrition.

Hamm – The most severe heat wave of the year hits Germany on Corpus Christi weekend. In North Rhine-Westphalia up to 35 degrees are possible. Many people are overwhelmed by high temperatures. With the right diet, you can do your body some good during the heat.

It is particularly important that you eat enough even on hot days, even if many are not that hungry in this weather. “Even in hot weather, the body needs nutrients and energy to cover the basal metabolic rate. Depending on the additional activity, the need for energy can increase or decrease”, says ecotrophologist Monika Bischoff. Web.de.

Eating during the heat wave: fruits and vegetables adapt well to high temperatures

The expert recommends fresh fruits and vegetables. These foods provide important nutrients but are not as heavy on the stomach. “Light cooking with lots of vegetables and fruits, preferably five servings a day, and easily digestible protein is ideal on hot days,” says Bischoff. Sufficient minerals that are lost by sweating during the day are also important.

However, during the heat wave, it is not advisable to eat heavy and greasy dishes like schnitzel and hamburgers. These put extra pressure on the body because they are difficult to digest.

Eating during the heat wave: staying hydrated is important

Fruits and vegetables with a high water content are more suitable. These include, for example, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers, but also watermelons and strawberries. They keep the body hydrated on hot days.

Besides eating the right foods, the most important thing in hot weather is that you drink enough. © Christin Klose/dpa-tmn

During a heat wave, it is even more important than eating the right foods that we drink enough, significantly more than the usual 1.5 liters per day. The consumer center NRW points out that it is best to consume fluids throughout the day. Experts recommend a glass every two hours or so.

Food during the heat wave: Spice up soft water

If you find it difficult to drink enough, you can flavor the stale water. For example, chopped fruit, herbs, or juice can be added to the glass. Cucumber, dill, ginger or mint leaves also make water more pleasant to drink for many.

However, the drinks should not be too cold, otherwise they could lead to discomfort such as abdominal pain, says ecotrophologist Bischoff. Web.de. The expert recommends lukewarm tea, among other things, on hot days.

Wildfire risk increases with heat. The NRW fire brigades are on alert. (with dpa material)

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